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  1. Happy birthday duuuuuuude, you still around?
  2. duuuuuuuuuuuude hello? ;x
  3. Its alive!
  4. Yo nigga whatsup dawg?
  5. The fck man the fck?
  6. Hey Chocolate bar!
  7. lol.. I told you never sit on your monitor... sigh You never learn
  8. lol yeaa im still alive...i doubt ill be online much though at least until i get my monitor fixed which would probably be never so yea lol...
  9. WOHOOO A sign of you being alive! Yea the weather is great lately.. except here in holland.. shit came down from hell 2days ago..
  10. yep still alive just barely come on the internet anymore my pc broke and i go out a lot now that the weathers nice
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