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  1. Dude are you still alive?
  2. sigh... you really need to get on msn or xfire :[ I got love issues and need youre wise brain to help me:P
  3. haha ok have fun getting drunk
  4. lol ok ok ill go on it after a while im about to go to the liquor shop to buy some liquor since in the us turning 21 means you can legally buy liquor so i wanna be able to finally do that
  5. then use xfire again ploxz! I miss the talking with ya
  6. lol my msn is but i dont go on msn either i go on it like once in a while to hit on zymbaline then leave it lol jk but im barely on it like once a month or even less
  7. If you give me your msn since you dont come on xfire anymore.. sure! >: D
  8. it i get cake for loving u? lol jk thanks a bunch man
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! nope I didnt forget mate If you still love me though...
  10. dude hows life? How come you never get on xfire anymore?
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