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  1. the boredom kills '^'...
  2. okamiden is so kawaii xD
  3. Sometimes, it's really embarrasing seeing onrpgers talk about level cap or whine about grind / stamina system when they don't play enough in the first place, it's like they want a short cut to max level when that's just boring.

    "hey i want to get to the top of the mountain could you lift me there with a helicoptor? but i aint paying kthxbai"
  4. btw, how do you complete quests?? I constantly press the middle button, but I got this feeling I abandon them xD
  5. Sure, I'm still thinking about what character to use. Diehard Hack maxi or Anais... Though, when I play with Anais she lags like crazy and the lvling is insanely slow...
  6. If you're starting anytime soon and can reach lv.60 for reals, you should be my student before you pass lv.6 so you can get 5.2million seeds when you graduate. I'm Volte in game, Press J and type my name and press the button near the empty box to open chat with me.
  7. instead of talking to the man move forward to find a woman in red, shift+click her and press Q to recieve your reward. unlike the past you can choose your weapon no matter what style you choose, depending on a skill you would want to use a certain tutorial sword (ie:X-Slash = hack/stab sword for more aoe damage)

    Recieve her quest and move further and talk to longsword then find a warp pad behind him, hop on it and choose the available warp option and you're done!

    Preview screenshots here just incase you're lost!

    Enjoy! ^^
  8. *just turned on pc because i missed something*

    you might need help during tutorial so i'll leave instructions for you!

    Shift+Click the Man and click Q to see his quests then press 수락 button to accept quest
    kill 3 spikels and gather 3 fire crystals and shift+click the man and click Q for it to Clear
    He will give you another quest, accept that then open your skill window and click the common tree and level coin toss once which only requires 10 exp to raise it! then proceed to casting coin toss until you use 300 seeds which is 3 casts total.
  9. You can find english people on a chinese private server, they were talking about it on facebook but i think the rates are high which could spoil you.. I play on Haiacan on Ktw but there arn't english speakers in tw overall, most of them are occupied in reality or playing generic mmos / LOL / DOTA

    Though if you do get lucky you can find handful ammounts of people that speak english, All you have to do is ask them 12:23 am, going to sleep, goodnight.
  10. Mina is going to lend me his/her account. You're playing the korean version right?? What server are the most english people active now? seems to be down, so I can't check there....
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