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  1. Whenever you are free, can you please post on The Daylight Here?
    It might die at this point.
  2. Hey Kain, when are we going to start The Daylight Here?
    *was expecting to start today, only to be faced with disappointment*
    I'm kind of curious as to how this RP will be...
    I like the whole "time" and "future" concept so far.
    Just one question: do we all meet up in Orin, or were we suppose to originate from there?
    The moon festival seems interesting as well; so far, I have the idea that night will rule the world (remain night and will never see the sun again), and those that are left in the isolated world are "chosen" for some "event" (still in the dark about what the RP will be about).

    Well, guess I have to wait patiently (or bug whoever didn't post their character sheet yet). xD
  3. Gah, I meant ( ESB ). Stupid smiley code ( B+) = ).
  4. Kain, are you going to post on Outcast?
    I summarized it tons of times, but I'll do it again:
    Jump arrived at the Empire State Building (ES, followed by Serenity. Nox left Cel with the mob, who is currently alone, and Nox told Jump and Serenity to meet him on the top of the ESB.
    Meanwhile, my character, Amara, was stopped from a theft and invited for a free meal by Charlie. Charlie and Amara chat for awhile until Tinker, Charlie's friend, interrupted. He took some of Amaya's food, and right when Charlie started to scowl him, Caim came in. Everyone stared at him, making him embarrassed, and he left out. Xyza then enters, glares at everyone, and decides to converse with Caim. Charlie comes out, they talk about stuff that eventually leads them to discovering that they are all mutants, and thus where everything ended.
    Oh yeah, and Amara escaped via the window in the women's bathroom, and is about to blow up a wall.
  5. I like the name irukol too. o-o
    In fact, backward names are cool.
    Kain -- niaK ~ Niak
    Lotus -- sutoL ~ Sutol
    Like a mirror effect there. xD
    e.e Don't ask me to post.
    Ask half the people who joined. :/
    They all up and left us two there...

    ~ Lokuri -- irukoL
  6. Hey irukol! <3

    ... That's a pretty kickarse name, i've got to use it in an RP sometime.


    Anyway, this be a visitor message, becaus eI be visiting ye' page, yaharr!

    Allso, Post more in the outcast! :'< Whenever you get around to it, I have to go off to bed. ._.


    See you.

  7. Hi hi! I hope you post again on The Academy. I enjoy the fact that you post detailed post like me, so I don't feel alone. xD Ahh, I miss our little trio moments in the past with JubJub. I heard of her awhile ago, but then she disappeared. D: Then you came back, and I got scared that you would vanish as well, but you didn't. ^^ It is sad when people leave. ._. I think that is why it is so hard to make friends for me in real life, because I am afraid I may never see them again.

    Well, keep up the good work. ^^o'
  8. Ah! Your cool picture is still above by your name! YAY! :O
  9. Hello, Kain. :3

    Well look at this, your first visitor message! You do over a thousand post and this is your first one! xD

    Well, I am probably the only person to do this... ;
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