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  1. Hi,
    I was skipping through my friendlist and noticed that you had been online today. Does that mean you will return to us ?
    I kinda miss you you know. It is aweful quiet here, I really need one of your great RP's where people post to much like Greygate

    Anyway I'm hoping that you come back
  2. Kaiinn were are you :o :o
    Greygate is dying, I can't die like that that would be.. would be.. would be a disaster, a complete shock, a...
    come back please
  3. Was just saying that the others should try to make longer posts. Your posts are fine in length. Just that sentance-long posts annoy meh.
  4. Hey, eh this must sound a bit stupid but I don't get this frase: try to cut down on the sentance-long posts...(A) My english fales me sometimes.. does it meen I have to write a long post or just the opposide?
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