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  1. good luck!!!!
  2. DMMT. i have a week to learn hana bi too T_T................................
  3. yessir!

  4. So even if it's not on those lines I have to flat all e's and b's?
  5. hehehe, first one means all of those notes are flat, second one means common time (so 4/4, not 3/4)
    look at you, learnin and stuff! c:
  6. hey kam wat do these mean? does that mean I have to flat all those keys?

  7. but wut about da ubisoft gaems??? NOO KAMM </333
  8. k. im gonna ignore u 4 da rest of da year <33
    bye! see u in 2015! <33
  9. i kno, but u have to deal with it tho <33
  10. but ur being MEAN!! pls stop bullying me!! :'c
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