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  1. loool how do u fail online work.
  2. i did 2 out of 6 questions, prtty sure i failed dat assignment. lol. thx a lot this is all ur fault.
    erthings always ur fault.
  3. do ur own hmwrk lzy
  4. k do my hmwk for me pls. it's due tmrw nite. also, height isn't displayed on student cards so u can rite my final for me too, kk thx!!
  5. .____.

    out of 10 i'm a 15 and i'm too tall sry lol <333
  6. well u told me to get da gaem!
    ps on a scale of 1-10, how good r u at chemistry? wanna do my hmwk?!?!? i don't wanna do this course anymore, but it's past the course drop date, so.... yeah. also, if u look like me, can u pls rite my final for me????
  7. Y me! Candy toldd me to buy the gaem.
  8. ok they're making me do this crystal awakening thing 1 2 many times. i thot ch7 would be it, but NOOOO, i have to go around the world again!!!!!!
    i blame dis on u.
  9. uhhh... u do know that to get the good ending u need to rewind the world like 5 times..
  10. yooooooooo.
    ch5 aint even dat bad. u jus suck nib.

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