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  1. happy birthday babe. <3

    i know i'm slow. :c
  2. luvs u moar!
    i has seen ur cawk. 8D
  3. GRAawWwWw <3

    luvs you.
  4. grrraaaawwwrrr.
  5. Hahaha. =)

    Of course, I'll teach you. Private lessons, aye? ;D

    Ok great, I saw you added me, that's a good sign ;p
  6. ya, yaruma is great.

    you'll have to teach me to play the piano lol, its so relaxing to listen to.

    i'll get my msn sorted now, keep forgetting.

  7. Omg, that's so cool. =)))

    I didn't think that there would be ANYBODY in this forum that likes Yiruma or even knew about him. :o
  8. your pretty, i'm pretty.

    we're perfect for each other! hehe
  9. I think you're pretty. o:

    And that's good - we have many things in common.

  10. you're like me, but pretty.

    lets f uck.
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