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  1. I'd wish you happy birthday but you're probably lying... again :P
  2. congrats on the chess game btw :]
  3. yeah, yesterday it said 13 hours and today it said 1day...


  4. according to the clock there I had way more time than that, odd. Oh well, I made a move btw.
  5. just letting you know you only got 13 hours left to make a move. :3

  6. no problem matey, just assumed you slipped into a coma or something ^_^

    but yeah, carry on whenever is best for you.
  7. hey, sorry for apparently ditching you last night. What actually happened was my internet suddenly stopped working. I'm still not sure why. I stayed up half an hour longer trying to fix it, before giving up and going to sleep. Then I got up and it was working again...

    maybe we can continue tomorrow :], I'm busy today unfortunately.
  8. welcome back, again :]
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