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  1. I have a buddy who gets them and gives them away because they hurt his stomach so bad. I have another buddy who found a way around it...erm, a very unpleasant route of administration though. Lets just say he has to be in a bathtub with no pants on while doing it...
  2. Morphine stockpile eh?

    Hahhaa. Doesn't that shit rot out your stomach? OUCH. Maybe that was some kind of sulphate I hate before but I couldn't even take them.
  3. Ugh sorry that sent so many times. Stupid Chrome. At least if I post here I can tell if it did that...
  4. Awake? Reverse effect it has on me then haha.
  5. "I'm on high doses of morphine right now, but I doubt that has anything to do with it."

    Oof...pill, or IV? Or suppository? Lol. I had to take the pills a while back for a broken foot, and they gave me the worst stomach burn out of ANYTHING ever
  6. I know you didn't mean for people to read your post and do that, but I just had to clarify incase someone saw it and was like "lol ooh good idea". People are dumb, not sayin' you did anything wrong by saying it lol.
  7. I lol'd.

    But Bryan has more than me
  8. Which mods dick did you suck to get that much reputation? But seriously that's the most i've seen on these forums. Go be a jewel in the rough while everyone else stays on a distinguished road.
  9. I wore a Rancid shirt to every single one of my high school year book photos. Funny thing is...I had no idea it was photo day. By some kind of magic, I always just had the shirt on

    I have 4 school ID's, one from each year, all of which you can just read "Rancid" at the top of my shirt hahaha.
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