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Jazeen's Reptilian Biology (Revised) By Aria Channel Harris

1) Eyes- Jazeen has been seen on several occasions with vertically slit pupils, accompanied with a greenish-yellow iris with a sort a mucus-y film liquid like substance which often coats the surface of his eyeball.

2) Bone Structure/Physiology- Jazeen has a considerably "exotic" type of physical body frame. His spinal vertebra are quite visible and protruding, especially when he is hunched/leaning forward while sitting or bending over. It can be said that his spinal vertebra overall appearance could be well comparable to that of a crocodile or a lizard found in deserts or tropical Savannah/and or jungles.

3) Skin- Although he has only had moderate progress with his skin/flesh pigmentation development, Jazeen has often spotted pale olive green splotches on his body, the places he most often sees them are on his abdomen, arms, legs, fingers and occasionally genitalia.

4) Venom- Although it may sound quite strange and almost delirious to state the notion of which the high possibility that along with possessing the innate, overall physique of that belonging to a humanoid serpent-like entity..Jazeen has displayed a significant amount of evidence showing that he has the ability to use actual venom (vaguely similar to that of various snakes and spitting lizards). However, this particular venom is actually much more powerful, potent and potentially fatal if given the opportunity. How this venom works could be seen as more "sinister". Its actually more or less a type of Karmic Psychic ability, yet is still concentrated and disposed of in Liquid form of the waste/remnants of the overall bulk of the quantity of venom used. The Liquid "wastes" are usually disposed of via vomited/heaving and are more often than not a clear greenish hue, but occasionally a pale/colorless paste.

4) Gifts - Another set of gifts Jazeen continues to display are electromagnetic control power (like turning off bathroom lights with just the use of his mind), mind-reading, mind-control, altering perception, various psychic abilities, venom, super-intelligence, high-metabolism..the list goes on

5) Temperament-Jazeen has displayed a quite different emotional and temperamental Mindset as well as a completely different thought process that seems to be completely different and more evolved then that of humans or any other species of animal i have been around..He has displayed that his ways of thinking are much more logical and seem to rely on the right side of the brain.His quick temper is excused by his direct approach to being able to observe any problem he is presented and his extremely quick thought process of taking control of the situation he seems to be presented..He has also displayed a significant amount of evidence that he can literally feel others and read them like a open book and this adds to the notion of him being able to be around any sort of crowd yet adds to his very sensitive emotional structure..

6) Life experience-Jazeen has displayed a great deal of evidence that he is understanding the structure of life from not just a spiritual stand point but a physical standpoint as well...Jazeen seems to understand every reason why human society is falling apart and has seemed to learn exactly what is needed to correct the *human* problem as he calls it..Jazeen is a very well evolved person and from what he has displayed it would take many many years far beyond what we have experienced to understand such a deep level of what he speaks...His views on human evolution are also quite wise and it makes me question if everything we have been taught thru science and school is truly as accurate as most make it sound.It also has me asking myself who are we as the way he provides such knowlage of life makes me question if we are truly the only ones whom are the holy grail of creation or if we are just ants to the many who could be out there...
-Final thoughts-
This concludes my research on Jazeen i hope this helps anyone whom is interested in learning of this True reptilian being and what he can teach...As far as IM concerned he is not human as I've seen him first hand and i am beginning to understand that these beings are real and do live among us for the better of our development and if we ever wish to achieve anything as a human race we should look for outside sources as they have been around much longer then us and we can learn greatly from what they provide...We have been on this planet for 200,000 years and we still do not know how to live among each other peacefully yet own science as its our own parents..Maybe we do need the help we so long crave and that our god we call for is already among us but we just changed his image to our liking for comfort..
-Aria Channel Harris
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