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    Tons of PvE in warhammer, Hidden quests, tons of funny achievment unlocks and titles, lots of PQ quests that are PvE and anyone can join and dungeons, i just like to PvP more atm as it's fun xD
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    thx man it was no problem ill send u some more when i watch them i have a few more lined up to watch
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    Its on the pc correct. Its basically an intense WW2 RTS thats different than most RTS's. My only advice is to watch a few gameplay videos, or test it at someones house/ LAN shop, before actually purchasing it, as it isn't everyones cup of tea
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    Add me xbox live name is DMRxKillJoy My games are NBA 2k11, Halo Reach, NBA LIVE 10, and MW2
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    LOL, jeg visste ikke at det var venneoptions ogsånt på ONRPG! :O Er det lenge siden du adda meg...?
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    hey man i got myself a gametime card now so ill be starting to play again from today on ^^

    add me ingame jdgamernl, ive got alot of grinding to do to get some good gear back lol
  7. View Conversation this is my asmo char on a other server, click 3d char to see, when watching 3d char it looks much more low detailed then actually ingame so yes it will look a bit bad lol, but ingame it looks sooo nice, great graphics
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    well neither the elyos or asmodians are human, theyre daeva's, the game got a good story behind it all, but anyways, the asmodians got a darker skin like little blue greenish dark, they live on the other half of the world thats splitted in 2 parts, they got black wings and all that, and the elyos got white wings, they got a light skin and look like humans yes tough the asmodians do aswell apart from skin color and hair in mid back going down to a tail
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    ohh thats nice hehe, and well its not that bad as a patch hell really, or well not when u download the client from the site as it has most patches in it already, anyways gl and hf already, ill make sure to get a game time card next week
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    for free? oh wow how did u managed to get that?, anyways,
    i still need to get a gamecard myself aswell lol, no money right now xD, ill have it next week tough, oh btw, if you go play it go play it on server gorgos, thats where i got my main char ^^ and pick elyos side
    this is link to my char, as u see i only got a basic gear ncsoft gave me after my account was hacked and lost all my items, they gave just this to me and 20k kinah...
    i lost like 3m kinah lol, thats the ingame money, anyways hope to see ya ingame nextweek then
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