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    Aw, you can't just watch the first episode and give up. You miss out on some of the best anime that way (though I probably would have been on the same boat if I didn't watch a Let's Play on Youtube that got me hooked on it). Actually, I found Tales of the Abyss after listening to the band that did the opening (I was looking for their songs and found the anime).

    Well, it IS about time for school. Gooood luck with that. I found a Kingdom Hearts forum, but I was so lost by all that had happened that I didn't join it. xD
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    Okay, I just got through watching the anime of Tales of Abyss, and though I can tell how LONG the actual game was by how many episodes there were (over 20, while most games reach 13 episodes), I have to say that game might have been worth playing if I could.

    You mentioned how you don't play MMORPGs, but just from watching the anime, I could tell it must be one excellent RPG. For one, the character development is amazing, with every main character with a deep backstory and tons of twists related to those backstories that would keep you entertained for the many (someone who did a Let's Play said around 70 hours) hours you play it.

    If you ran out of anime to view, I recommend watching it. At first, Luke seems like the classical spoiled brat (and basically is until he does something drastic), but by the time you get to the REAL storyline, your views on EVERYONE will just about change.
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    You know, I really hate Wii Fit Plus. You play some of the games, but if you don't remain active, you end up in PAIN. Like, I played the Wii before going to sleep late into the night, and woke up with sore legs that cause my knees to buckle as I walk and sore arms (not that bad, but still sore).

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    Wait, so your brother got a new computer, and you brought it off of him? xD

    Well, my perfectionism made the post rather long (sorry in advance). Kind of sad, since I thought I was doing my best to keep it short and direct (and then I added detail and...oi). But...using some of the Renaissance lingo reminded me of when I participated in a shortened (I mean SHORTENED) version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as Hermia. Helena said "Fie i'faith" at one point, so I made Morte's maid randomly say it. xD, fun?

    o-o I would hate to be involved in a bomb scare, let alone FOUR (has to be spelled out for effect of gravity). Hmn, the only time I saw helicopters upclose were when we had to be evacuated countless times in the past. :x

    I'm sorry. >.< Yeah, I guess it just got a little wounded, but it didn't die.
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    OH. MY. GOSH.!!! A magically sprouted comment on my homepage that has delivered this magical message to YOUR homepage.

    At first, I thought you said "new brother", and I was like, "What, did he purchase a brother at Babies R Us (yes, they secretely sell babies deep within the walls of baby merchandise)?!" Ah, but yeah, nice on grabbing that computer (I did the same with my mom's laptop (:< And it's mostly mine now <3). Ah, this laptop was an awesome gaming laptop. I grinded monsters on Luna Online for some time with a Chinese dude and his friend and we compe -- had fun levelling with one another until my laptop started having "viruses". Now it is too slow for MMORPGs. *sigh* All I have now is my DS and partially the Wii, but my only REAL (RPG) game for it was beaten by me awhile ago.

    Revival. :o
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    o_O, this is one of the happiest days of my life. *cries* Lol, wow, it looks insane, I was wondering what they would do with the series, and now it looks like it took the exact opposite direction I imagined. I'm going to go check out the site with information on it as we speak, and I must say, from the trailer, it looked great!
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    Ah, great! I hope it gets fixed soon ^^. Disabled from being able to reboot? That's.. that's just crazy. I wonder why on earth they would do something like that. Hmm.. maybe it's a precaution to avoid any further damage to the system? Oh well.
    And hey, I never kick out RPers ^^. It's their choice to quit, not mine.
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    It's sad to hear that you left us for at least three months but.. I came here to ask if you'll allow me to control Jansen in Happy Home? It's for the time you'll be away. I'm confident that Happy Home will still be up once you're back ^^. I hope you'll be able to give me an answer sooner or later. Naturally I won't do anything drastic with Jansen, just so that he can keep up ^^.
  9. Well everybody looks like I'm gonna be out for a while. For some unknown reason my laptop broke last night and I don't see it getting repaired anytime soon. I'm on my dad's computer right now but he's always on it so I definately won't be on until I buy myself a new one...maybe november when my birthday kicks around but thats a hell of a long time away. Looks like Eden will become dead as well because I won't be able to maintain it seeing as my bloody laptop is broke.

    Anyway sorry guys and good luck with the role playing!
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    We don't talk much, and not much, I mean compared to us having loads of comments following nearly every second. Coming back every day and seeing no comments is depressing.

    I miss talking about loads of stuff. :o Was it because we talked about RPs and what-not?
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