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    Part 5/5

    I could very well try to make a Paranormal RP, but I can't promise that it would be as everyone would expect it to be. Of course, I would have to do more research and possibly scrape for ideas if I do it, or perhaps Takesh can do it and we can all support him. But yeah, Happy Home will make you...ironically happy. << Wait, deja vu...

    S'kay, I make mistakes too. Actually, when Nagi was brought up, I googled him. xD Yes, we will all need a refresher with Happy Home. Hopefully, Takesh will give a lovely summary for those who are too lazy/busy to do so. (I feel like I'm pushing everything on Takesh lately...)

    Now I wanna know more about the new character.
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    Part 4/5 (Because Part 3 was too short to comment on its own. )

    No! How could you kill Ashley?! D:

    I should use Yelsha as the name for my vampire in Fara's RP just to keep Ashley alive in some sense. -- No, the name's mine! D:

    My nicknames are Seannie, Queen (grandparents), and Ching Ching (my family is painfully unaware that I don't look Asain. D: ).

    From now on, you'll be XAN! xD Or Ale -- no, that'll make me think of all the times you went out drinking. xP
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    Part 2/5

    Psh, in animes, kids as young as 4 or even at birth get beat up or rejected, so I really didn't think much of Ganta's age. xD Besides, it was getting to the point where you think, "Alright, we passed the mark where Ganta is allowed to be a wimp". xD Yup, he needed the bad @ssness slapped into him!

    Yeah, and most of the character's personalities aren't generic -- that is, they're original in their own right. Heh, wouldn't it be transvestite man?! :O

    Part 3?/5

    Fail. xD But I didn't even know in the first place, so I'll forgive you.
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    Part 1/5 (So I've noticed :O 5 parts?!)

    Ah, I like supernatural moreso than horror, but I know some with horror in it, like Shikigame Hime. o.o Although, the main character is a guy in Corpse Princess, BUT it obviously focuses on undead girls. I tend to prefer male heroes over females as well, mostly because females tend to either be gender benders, emotionally unstable, or cutesy, and any hardcore girls tend to be on par or second with/to the main character. :/ Tragic heroes, eh? Let's see...Oz from Pandora Hearts is pretty tragic (his father's a jerk!). Nurarihyon no Mago is supernatural (demons), though not really horror -- may seem kiddish to you. 07 Ghost has a tragic prince in it, but that info may already be a spoiler. >.<

    Don't worry, I still have to post before you! And I have an essay due Thursday (that I haven't started; 4-5 pages) and another essay due 16th May (only research & quotes so far; 7-9 pages). xD But getting exams after the break?! Ouch...
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    His name is Rick. xD I had to go back and check when you said Nick... o.o But yeah, I mentioned Rick towards the end of Happy Home (which I checked on -- my memory isn't that good! all). Hm, no, he's different from Jack Rabbit. Think more college student who thinks critically, or rather, openly. He could also be a "know-it-all", the kind that rehearses what to say before acting all cool in front of everyone. Who knows? I'm still trying to figure him out myself, but so far I know he's the type that sleeps during his break, seems to know everything, persuasive, smooth talker...the kind most girls will think is both strange and hot at the same time. :O I don't know, though. Most of this came off the top of my head. o.o Then again, the only difference from Jack Rabbit is the lazy part.

    Hm, I really want a Paranormal RP. But the return of Happy Home will make me happy, and fara's RP is going to be awesome because he's awesome (well, he is part of the RP Mafia gang! ).
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    Haha, AshLee. Ashley...wouldn't the nickname be Ley, then? As long as it isn't completely random, like "Alice" or "Richie" or "Yelsha" (I don't know who would go out of their way to say Ashley's name backwards, but it IS a psycho ward xD ). Heh, Duff Man. Sh-shut up? It's not like I'm laughing at you for not remembering all the nicknames of your BEST friend. Heh, but to know that many is amazing in itself (do you keep track of them?). :O I should come up with a nickname for you! How about...An? Glo? Ang? Looks like it's short for "Anger" or "Angel". Hm...this is hard. T_T
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    There are a lot of good mangas out there, like Nurarihyon no Mago, which also serves as a good anime (I like the openings and endings as well), and D. Gray Man. So, those mangas can also help you through the summer. There are others as well, but I have limited knowledge of your taste in manga (I doubt you want to see girly mangas or school centered mangas -- though I hardly read them either, unless they have some paranormal aspect about them). The problem is that once you get the pace of reading manga quickly, you end up waiting in suspense. o.o I know! At first, I wanted Ganta to get beat up because he was such a wimp, but once his powers came into play, I was happy because, as you pointed out before in the past, ordinary humans are BORING. :O Oh my gosh, that was depressing. I kept thinking Nagi was going to rise from the dead, but he really died! D: Hopefully, you'll find some other characters interesting as well, like Azami. :O Of course, what happens to her will shock you too.
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    Yes, I'll be using Natalie, as well as Elizabeth, though the both of them may be lesser roles. Instead, I'll focus on Rick, Natalie's Reassurer, and his reaction to the "insane" at first and how it shifts as he interracts with her. He's kind of like a careful detective who at first doesn't let his emotions get in the way, but can't help feel something the deeper he gets involved in the mystery. :o

    Heh, nice comparison. Indeed, it is like Twilight Zone. And with all the mysterious events, Happy Home definitely calls for flashbacks and personal reactions.

    Hm, you can still watch them? Ah, so its like getting your mind prepared for Happy Home? Hm, creepypasta? o.o Sounds interesting already, and strange at the same time. I'll read it...eventually (I got to get this post for Ego Draconis up!).
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    Yup, I read Deadman Wonderland. :o Yeah, I'm up to date, actually. It does keep you on your toes, and Ganta is such a strong kid (after all he goes through, his reaction towards the newest chapters is reasonable). Heh, I knew it would be a hit manga amongst us (Takesh, you, me, and any of the Happy Home fans ).

    I indirectly influence people with my devious schemes that are so subtle they seem little, despite it making a big impact! (I tried)

    Cool! Can his nickname be Ash? Yes, Ash, Ashe, Asch, Ashley, Ashlee -- they all give a sense of importance (Pokemon) and wealth (FFXII/Tales of Abyss/Celebrities/etc.). And with the last name Blake, he already gives an airy persona that demands respect and superiority. Awesome.
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    Yes, it's possible for Ashley to be in the underground dungeon. Ethan, Jansen and Thomas are definitely not the only ones (Hint: Ethan is named as Subject #217). So yeah, there's plenty of patients there. There are four, who are still alive, who have been there since Joachim became the manager. There's a requirement in order to get there though: You need to have unlocked your Psyche-Locks and gained the ability to transform into your Psyche-Form. Time to start brainstorming when that happened ^^.

    Yeah, I agree. We should move these to private messages ^^.
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