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    09-16-2014, 09:04 AM
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    Oh yeah, speaking of what Andrim would do I remembered what I sort of considered the end plan for him, or at least an option at some point, since I...
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    Don't suppose you're still lurking around here are you Fara?
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    Fara I need you help for my post in ToA. Vice is going to visit Baltazar's house because she wants him to teach her the earth magic skill thingie of transformation and seeing as he is an earth magic expert and has trained under Nilak it seemed like a plausible choice. However, of course Baltazar isn't there, but what about Inpa? Has he run home or has he gone somewhere else? For if he has come home somewhere in the night it would be obvious that he would open the door, but otherwise Vice will be left standing on the doorstep.

    I was thinking however that if Vice and Inpa could meet, the two of them could have a common thing: to find Baltazar. i mean Inpa would also like to find where the guy is not?
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    One character in RTD is going to die pretty soon, so would you mind getting a headstart and PMing your character sheet? If you still want to join, that is...
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    I been expecting you Mr Fluffy...

    Yeah, doesnt' really work with that name you know, neither when it is I who come here to chat. But hey I didn't come here to check how well your name work when you rush into the villains lair and he turns his chair, stroking that white cat of his... Well not entirely at least, it sort of turned out that way it seems though. Funny how things goes.

    Anyhow, back to the topic I came here for. COAV! Has it ended or what?:P Just wondering if you decided for yourself that it's dead and gone or just in power saving mode as the other rps had been for a while.
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    Hi there! An RP you seem to have a character sheet in, has been stickied. It wasn't deleted! So if you were looking for it where it used to be and it wasn't there, it's up at the very top of the RPing board now. Keep up the good work!
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    Hey, Fara, I have a quick (hopefully) question regarding your RP:

    Now, I am aware that Fallians are completely insensitive to other people. However, is there a possibility that one or two people are revered (other than summonings of the dead)? I'm thinking of Ruki's mother and the boy she would have married as being the only people she carries in her heart, but detests everyone else because she believes they can never get close to her heart without deceiving her.

    So, is that okay? It's kind of a big part of her history, but I can make her completely untrusting of others (aside from her summonings). Of course, one of her summonings has remnants of her mother attached to it, but again, I can make her completely heartless towards others if that is the quality of Fallians.

    If you want, I can PM you Ruki's history.
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    Fara, that post was brilliant! Hear me BRILLIANT! Really I was reading it at a friends place and I had to laugh so hard, he looked like: wtf?! o.O. It was really funny.

    Anyway you made one tiny little minicule mistake namely; Ser isn't the band singer. He plays the cider and occasionally sings, but most of the time it is Mikai who sings or Kaori.

    But man you sure managed to scare the crap out of Kaori, but I'll be sure to come after you.
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    Yeah I really made the hat myself. It wasn't that hard. I just followed some video I found on youtube and it turned out to be pretty simple really.

    Suuure permission granted I'm already looking forward to it. Seems like something both Renshaw and Ser would do. Just remember Ser is a dwarf
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    Check that. It is me in my Mad Hatter costume and a friend of mine as the rabbit. I made the hat myself I figured you might wanted to see it after the talk we had
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    Urgh.. !! My cover has been compromised! Requesting immediate back-up from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S headquarters!! MAYDAY!

    Such "swings" happen every now and then, the lack of desire to RP I mean. I'm glad you're launching it again though ^^. Well you've never lacked confidence, at least from what I've gathered, so I'm sure you can do it. My helping hand is still here if you ever need it.

    PS. Haha! Well that really isn't surprising since we are both interested about anime & manga. I'd say it would be weird if we didn't talk about those.
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