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    08-24-2014, 12:11 AM
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    Yeah, in the end Xarxes wasn't really a bad guy. He was ruthless and corrupted by the Abyss but his goal never changed. It makes sense that the other...
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    08-24-2014, 12:08 AM
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    Truly? Well that's interesting. MMO Date Online.. a hilarious name I have to say ^^. Hmm.. I suppose I could try out RPing again. No promises though....
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    Hi there! An RP you seem to have a character sheet in, http://www.onrpg.com/boards/170862.html has been stickied. It wasn't deleted! So if you were looking for it where it used to be and it wasn't there, it's up at the very top of the RPing board now. Keep up the good work!
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    Actually, summoning requires 2-3 elements, but if you look at Takesh's examples of summonings beneath the elements in ToA, no summoning comes without risks. Conflicting elements (fire&water, earth&air) are harder to successfully "balance," which means three elements has to not only "balance" conflicting elements, but another element entirely.

    I remember Takesh say you "borrow" an element for summonings with 3 elements, since mastering 3 elements is nearly impossible. Also, I assume the "borrowed" element would be "basic." For example, in the case of water, you couldn't "borrow" ice, since ice is an advance state of water.

    Don't worry. The art of summoning is in respect to those living in Amn. My RP will explain where summonings came from and why summonings exist in the first place. So, um...since the art of summoning is exclusive to Takesh's RP, he may be more help than I am. ^_^; *sweatdrop*
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    Yeah, sorry. My PM inbox is full. xD

    Sure! I don't own Voco e Vorago. xD
    Takesh and I were actually talking about Voco e Vorago for awhile (I should reply to our latest comments) and we know for a fact that that book will most definitely be found...eventually. My RP is incomplete (so far from being complete that it is merely a bunch of ideas), but Voco e Vorago has ties to it (such as there being an actual world for summonings and why they can be summoned). Oh and moon elves are sent from the world of summonings (Silmeria) to find and return the book, but they have to remember their "mission."

    So um...yeah, if there is anything you want to know or discuss, don't be afraid ask or tell me (or Takesh, since he knows as much as I do).
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    Hello Mora, I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining my new role play which has just started. Check it out and see if it appeals to you. Ego Draconis.

    Thank you very much!
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    Nothing to worry about ^^. Research? That far already! I still have a few years before I start any kind of research. You haven't missed much in the end since Kien isn't connected to the rest of the group yet. However! The plot is finally starting to reveal itself!
    Post when you can ^^.
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    Life keeping you busy? ^^. Just asking since you've been so silent recently.
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    Hey Mora, sorry I've only just got back to you, but currently the places in which people can join are full You can join in the next chapter/arc however! as a new person will be introduced each arc
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    Haha ^^. Indeed, it is about time. Interested? ^^.
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    Hello Moratorium, I see you are still lurking around in these forums and was wondering if you would like to join my latest project (when it is finished ofcourse) this weekend. It is the most amount of effort I have put into a role play, and I collaborated with a friend of mine from college to write the story...Thanks, get back to me when you can
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    Just dropped in to say I liked the ending you gave Basil as it went along my lines of him pretty well. Glad you picked up the hints about Bazil not being the friend he pretended to be. Hmm,,, hope I didn't make it too obvious, anyhow thanks for finishing it nicely for him.
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