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    Like the Venn Diagram, Amn being on one side, the astral world (AW) in the middle, and the "real" world (RW; needs a better name) on the other?

    The Moon Goddess could have been born in RW, got sucked into AW, and crossed-over to Amn. And she wrote Voco e Vorago in hopes that it can one day be sent through the astral world around the same time the RPers in my RP journey into the astral world, thus allowing them to understand their mission?

    But of course, they have to remember "who" they are, which could also explain why Vita's always questioning her feelings! :O She must've felt her role as an informer, but because her memories are still dorment, she feels torn! Yay, now I only need to understand Ruki! xD Exactly!
    Oh! Pent divides moon elves either through "wind" or "earth," but the Moon Goddess was blessed with both elements, along with "fire" (Satir) and "water" (Ura). So, she guards the moons, but only "exists" in the fairy tail (like Mother Nature and Cupio xD).
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    ** But I want more views! xD Thanks! I like "Everybody Loves DW" (changed name) the best; it's more on beat. **

    Speaking of the Queen of Hearts, Pandora Hearts (PH) has really blatent Alice in Wonderland references.

    What?! You didn't know .hack is an anime (and a novel, manga, game, with several versions throughout those medias)?! o.o Wait, DOS? ...You're talking about Hack, not .hack. xD

    Yeah, you have a point. See, Hiro's hairstyle is sexy. Flairs of pixie bangs, hair levitating before gathering at his waist, and a clip to allow a tuft of hair sway idly by itself. Daemon's hair is too stiff, too long to allow it to flow free and too short to dangle like Jack's braid in Pandora Hearts (now HE'S sexy!).
    Um, yeah, I agree about the fashion,, you're judging the characters in KHR more than me, and I'm a girl! xD I really want you to read PH now! It's as crazy as any other manga (I <3 scythe wielding Oz)!

    Kay, "Hollow Musician" it is!
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    Extra! (2/3) - Meh, since this one is so long, might as well put spaces between Q&As. T_T

    I quickly snatch away the the dusty white curtains that conceal a sleeping boy and a bed with colors like the burning candles and black cobwebs that tickle my fingers upon touching them. When I laugh, he awakens, and my heart pounds harshly.

    Who are you? I am a writer who lives in a nearby town to a village that has recently had a string of missing girls. I volunteered to distract the vampire that has been plaguing the villagers, but I have been deceived.

    Are you happy/sad? The vampire that woed many girls and enraged many men is actually the man I loved, but he has changed rapidly since I last saw him. His once serene, deep blue eyes are now dull, lifeless, crimson irises. His beautiful face is now pale, more frail than feminine. His black hair has grown longer, more wild. But more than anything, he is no longer weak, no longer defenseless, yet even now, he is bullied.
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    Extra! (1/3) - Screw you, word count! >:O

    Okay, I can't argue with that, considering it's fitting for my age and gender.

    Technically, FFX does have a happy ending. It's in FFX-2. Yup! Though the beginning isn't always happy, opening into the sorrow to come, the ending resolves that sorrow, and happiness rings true.

    But I tried to allude to the woman eventually being rescued by "him" (her lover), so she won't actually die.
    I thought the knight in shining armor was about to whisk away a damsel in distress, but your version fit the song well.

    Where are you? I am at first in what I believe is a sealed cave, droplets constantly striking my cheeks and hands. I had a flashlight, but it broke long ago. I must have passed out or was forced to sleep, for I have no idea as to how I got here. When I hear bats, I ducked, only to find myself in a dimly lit room. Blue and purple flames flicker from scattered candles, illuminating a grand bed in the center of the room.
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    III/III - 2/2 - Be back! I have to go somewhere! :O I'll finish Extra! later!

    Le gasp! What if the "academy" is has "Bastion" in it's real name? Like: "Avant Bastion," "Renaissance Bastion," "Bastion of Knowledge," "Wishful Bastion, Bastion of Augury." I personally like the first one. xD

    Well, remember that those within the academy (at least the students) only know as much about the outside world as their books tell them. Now on that note, the academy won't be like any other academy, considering it is suppose to be a "world" in itself. Picture a shopping center + mini Times Square + luxury dorms like condos, but only on the inside (not the entire building). Oh, and, of course, a learning center complete with classrooms taught more like French classes than American ones (i.e. the teachers come to you, not the other way around). So yes, modern.

    There always has to be one dragon in a Paranormal/Modern/Fantasy RP.
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    Yeah, you try to be geniune when you post, only to edit out half the detail you wanted to include. :/

    Does that mean my RP will be a side sequel to ToA? :O What if Cupio wrote it?! Or rather, he "communicated" to someone to write the book and the whole experience was so awe-inspiring, the person who wrote the story also began the folklore as well! Oh and the author could also be one of the founders of the "academy."

    Ooh! I like your idea much better! And what if it was the ORIGINAL moon elf (the one that you mentioned before the Moon Festival kicked into play) wrote Voco e Vorago? :O But we also need a reason as to why moon elves forget their origins -- UNLESS! They are meant to be informers of the astral world, but their memories are wiped during the travel from the astral world, through the abyss, and to Amn. Thus, the book is key to moon elves remembering their destiny before their real place of origin and the last link to the world where the "academy" stands is lost!
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    I'm not a dude!

    Isn't Final Fantasy typically sad/grim? xD

    Wait, you were hopping around on sakura trees? xD More depressing than mine. xD

    Where are you? I was living in a rural village with my grandpa, my only surviving family. But on the night of a grand festival, my grandpa falls down and doesn't awaken. I sink to my knees, hug them to my chest, a cry uncontrollably. At some point, I screamed, alerting the neighbors, who point fingers, shout louder than I had, and blame me for all the death I have seen. But that was when I was a child. Flashforward and I am now a matured woman who, on the same day of that tragic festival, will embark on an adventure.
    Who are you? I was a simple farmer's child, but now I am a warrior who wishes to fight the demons who have murdered my family.
    Are you happy/sad? I am happy I can put an end to the deaths around me, but sad of those I couldn't protect.
    Are you alone? No. There are others like me who attract and see the demons.
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    Don't you hate that? It's a pain trying to edit your messages.

    Yes, because I really wanted to incorporate Cupio being human once. xD
    Well, Cupio may have a will of his own and definitely didn't want to "witness" the destruction of the "real" world, but his powers "activated" on its own, responding to the woman's wish.
    The woman is strongly connected to Cupio, but she also didn't have a clue about his powers up until they arrived in the "astral" world.
    Also, if you haven't guessed, Cupio's power over wishes corresponds with his emotions. So, the reason why the "real" world was "destroyed" (except for the academy) is because Cupio was basically a nervous wreck over granting his first wish (and seeing the form that replaced his human form).
    I'm also thinking that the "academy" was created as the last hope for humans, the desperate prayer of those who gathered at a single point and the only piece of land not destroyed.

    How about Cupio becomes a baby dragon?! :O
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    I know! Word limit SUCKS! xD

    Ah, I replied in the previous post.

    Yup! That also means that those lost in the "astral" world no longer have "human" forms. And yup, combined with the elements, their "earthly" forms (better to use because there are animal spirits as well) would become that of a summoned creature.

    Yay! All that's left is to describe the mirror(s). After all, an ordinary mirror(s) would be boring. O.O UNLESS! All mirrors were destroyed except for one grand mirror tucked away in some hidden room!
    FLYING BUNNY! xD You have to admit that Cupio sounds more cutesy than an epic fit for a gryffin. xD
    But...paintings coming to life creep me out. xD If it was me, the moment the painting came to life, I'd forget my wish. xD How about something more soothing, like Cupio coming from an instrument -- like a HARP! Or chimes? Or...a shamisen? xD
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    Hm, I like Ruki, "Hollow Masician" better than Ruki, the "Callous Siren." xD But seriously, "siren" sounds more like a singer, someone with a high-pitched voice, or someone who simply wants to deceive you. That's not Ruki (the reason she hates her dad is because he wasn't straightforward with her). "Masician," on the other hand, sounds like someone orchestrating their own destiny and may be stringing along others as they go, but the "hollow" part depicts an uncaring nature of those strung along, yet somehow touching them thanks to the "masician" part of the name.

    Or, you know, your descriptions work too (note: read ahead! xD). I still like "Hollow Musician" over "Callous Siren." If you think of "siren" as the mystical creature, they are generally matured women, not cute little girls. xD And Ruki isn't THAT cruel. She killed Zoth and Lamia because one wanted to be turned and the other can live freely as a vampire without feeling guilty (more revealed in my next post).
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