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    What's wrong with a black-and-white Silmeria? xD But if you really want to color it... I'll go on a google quest...eventually. xD

    Yup! Voco e Vorago can attract enemies, meaning there will be lots of action. But I suck at action. Perhaps it's because action tends to use quick sentences, and mine are always soooo long. o.o
    What if Voco e Vorago is written in a language only moon elves can decipher? Then there would be moon elves pro & against world annihilation, making them harder to trust and good hiders (useful for protecting the RPers)?

    I think your CS grows because just as people change with time, so do your characters. I can't wait for Maiyu to open her heart more!
    I know, right? A bulk of elemental information!
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    I/III - First off, sorry for the very late replies! :O

    Oh! Speaking of DW, you can find episodes 10-12 on google.
    Toto's girly voice didn't shock me, but his green hair was a surprise. o.o I still like it, though. It..."fits" him? xD
    I only "remember" the hacker's name when I wiki it (too lazy to do atm). His head reminded me of "Nearly Headless Nick" from Harry Potter. xD

    Hm, how about Spanner's jumper (fashion no-no)?

    Hey, fashionable men can go from typical, passionate, fierce, rude, competitive,
    to SCARY!

    Longer? o.o
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    Extra! - That's right! 1/1

    Eep, how scary. o.o I think you beat me with the random interpretation, though.

    *sigh* I have an old driver = slow. T_T

    We always have the group version of the game.

    How'd you take that picture?! :O And I LOL'd so much when I read Pink Thunder's history. xD

    My Champion is...

    *drum roll*


    Her origins are said to be from a world woven out of stars. It was once a thriving world, but one wish sent it shattering into darkness: eternal life. She was the very person who wished for immortality, and from that wish, she changed into what she is today. From human to beast, hardly resembling her previous self. Now the question remains: has her heart warped as well?
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    Eep! But Leo's eyes are spoilers. O.O
    Yay! UV eyes! Now for his dragon form. Midnight blue, small body, dragonfly wings, a cute face like "Mew Mew" in Pokemon, his body sleek & smooth; or mystical, starlight blue, serpent body, a long tail and fox-like face, golden whiskers around his nose and a trail of gold whisping from his head to the tip of his tail, erupting in gold and white? :O

    Yay! All that's left is a "special" name for the RPers. xD My idea is that once Sigil "disappeared," pieces of it became powers that merged with the RPers (dorment) upon birth (same birthdays). Cupio is different. On Sigil, stars are the essence that hold together Sigil. So, when Cupio disappeared from Sigil, so did Sigil itself.

    So, like Earth, but flat and not as complicated.
    Your character can still be logical, like dismissing that stars hold Sigil together.
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    II/III – Part 2/2

    They didn't come to Silmeria specifically for the RPers, but when the moon elves learn the RPers came from Sigil, the former helps the latter.

    Well, even if you have a character's background, appearance, powers and weapons, their personality and how they respond to certain situations is harder to figure out. Such elements develop as you write or plan posts, kind of like I am doing with Hiro at the moment (exploring his childhood, his attitude to others, how being a prince affected him, as well as more about Cerelis and Richelieu to expand upon Hiro's characteristics). Heh, yeah, especially because Theo's past and present are so drastically different.
    Sentinel? o.o Ooh, I sense an interesting twist developing! I won't pry, but I'll share with you an awesome site about elements I found!:

    Starts with wind/air
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    II/III – Part ˝ xD

    What about Photoshopping the worlds into their respected sides (though I'd have to come up with how Avant Bastion would look like on the outside). :O I like Sigil! "Avant Bastion, Sigil." (Good, because I'm bad with names... xD)

    Well, I would have thought that Voco e Vorago would also give the backstory of where summonings come from (Sigil), how they became summonings, and hints as to where Cupio resides. That way, enemies would attack the RPers because they hold the key to finding Cupio as well as how and why Silmeria changes the forms of those within it (though the RPers wouldn't change because their "reflections" protect them from becoming "denizens" of Silmeria). Certainly, the moon elves can find their origin and purpose with the help of Voco e Vorago in ToA, but – Ah! What if when the Voco e Vorago is found in ToA and some moon elves who studied the book intensively combine their powers and knowledge to assist the RPers?

    (To be continued…)
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    Yay! Just don't watch the anime (I heard the ending SUCKED, but then again, you have to hear Oz's crazy laugh O.O). "The Will of the ABYSS" is a white rabbit, by the way. Note Oz's EMERALD eyes.
    Well, an alternate world of Alice in Wonderland, anyway. (And references to The Wizard of Oz)

    Well, it's called "Dot Hack," but .hack looks cooler, no? And the fact that "//" are used (i.e. .hack//Sign) alludes to it being about a MMORPG (think URL).

    Heh, metrosexual. xD I'm wondering why you'd judge KHR character's sense of fashion in the first place, or did you miss Shitt P? xD
    Or take a fashion class. You could say what's "hot" and what's "NOT." xD

    This conversation got short. o.o You might be writing "I/II" when you reply.
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    Extra! (2/2)

    Yeah, I was going to keep the *sigh*, but Word Count intervened. xD I should have used that that "T_T" smilie you got there.

    Heh, interesting. The anime/manga is about a phantom thief, not really futuristic, but Dark thinks he'll never be caught. The song was used when "Dark" first appeared. But Song #5 for me? *teary eyed* Game over? e.e
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    Extra! (1/2)

    Yeah, "sir" is more reserved for hardcore women, like those in the military. I'm far from that. xD

    Heh, I thought it screamed "vampire," but I wouldn't have imagined you as an angel playing a harp, though it would be kind of creepy (would the stage be falling apart?!). Even though I don't know what you look like, for some reason, I'm picturing you with a dress and your golden locks of a wig falling off as you prance about with your harp -- no, it burns! xD

    I went from cheering about a free game to being thankful for not drinking any juice when I read "Pink Thunder." xD Yes, I'd like to see. :O If I get it, can we play together?
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    I want a huggable Cupio! >:o (Joke) I think I got a "purple" theme going on (Zoth's amethyst eyes, Cerelis's lilac hair, and--) ! I blame Leo! Oh! What about lavender eyes into ultraviolent eyes (UV eyes FTW! xD) as a dragon?!
    Okay, you win. xD Amethyst it is (but I still like UV eyes!).
    An emotionless dragon (with UV eyes?!). xD

    YAY! The other names were for show, like "etc."! It just rolls off the tongue, you know? And yup, KH reference!
    I like "Silmeria." O.O Sounds...enchanting.

    Wait, would the outside world be "Earth" or another "planet" (I prefer world, but meh)? Well, their study isn't exactly the same as our study. Imagine never seeing grass, a real sun, a world not enclosed in walls. When you do step into a world beyond Avant Bastion, your logic will only discern what is more "real" than others. After all, logic is certainty, and all the students are certain about is Avant Bastion.
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