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    Wu, Zestians - What if the lightshow created by the crystal geckos and lava becomes hypnotic, causing the weak-minded to be attracted towards them and thus burn up -- What if crystal people like things were created from that?! Like anti-form Sora, but in crystal form! As for the giant fire beetles, they can "swim" in the lava like fish.

    I'm finally done with finals, which means school.
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    II/IV - Well, maybe not ANY job. I'm kind of fed up with getting a fixed price for a paycheck. Oh, that tactic worked for Yummy Sushi, but well, sadly, applications are necessary.

    Vita doesn't like the fact that Andrim is a murderer. While she materialized in Amn, everyone lived a life full of attachments, or are supported by family members who created new lives for more connections. That said, Vita wouldn't leave him to die, because he also has connections. Really, she just wants answers for Andrim's ruthless behavior.
    ...I forgot about Reed. Ah well. And thanks for the tip about Elrik, because otherwise, Vita would have been dragging two bodies.
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    I/IV - Never too late to reply to messages...?
    Well, sarcasm comes in many forms. Some are deadly attacks, while others are humorous. It also matters whether sarcasm is used around friends, or around people you don't like.

    Yeah, TV is just as important a research material as manga. Wow. I thought the right ring finger simply meant you won't get married, just like putting your purse on the ground is financially bad luck. Of course, "hidden" implications are also different between females and males.
    Maybe your mother just didn't know? Or never got the chance to tell you? Or, you know, it was just a running joke (which would be awful)...

    Well, a toned body with oiled skin obviously is favorable when it comes to a girl's ideal man. However, a body made of steroids, with veins and muscles popping out in unison, is just plain scary. I still haven't read Beserk, though. day...
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    Well, what would have been a total of 5 messages becomes 6~! :O

    I know! I'm kind of glad and disappointed at the same time that KH:BBS is on a PSP. Glad because a PSP is cheaper than a PS3 and xBox 360, but disappointed at the lagg time as well as the tiny screen. Also, I can't get the secret ending (I don't feel like replying the standard modes I used for Ventus and Terra)!
    Yeah, I was sad when the worlds were completed quickly, even with me double checking to make sure I got everything perfect, including the mini games.
    I would be terrified if Ventus could only WALK away from Vanitas. I was terrified even while running!

    I didn't like Aqua that much, for one reason: who CARTWHEELS away from monsters? xD Plus, her name was so common. Aqua. And she made Ventus sad. Plus she just...disappears. :/ But, well, at least she was nice to Kairi and Sora. Unlike emo Terra. But, I'm still confused as to what happened to Ventus and how it involves Sora. o.O
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    I also like "Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves." My favorite song. Makes me want to cry every time. AND YEAH! That's why I loved fighting in that area.

    I'll be sure to include that in the description: "The Ripple - Just like the white space in Assassin's Creed and the world map in Kingdom Hearts, but not really!~" I love making simple things complicated...but not the other way around (like with classwork).
    That's why the Vici are "special," because they naturally have the "strongest" reflections (though not strong enough to swim freely throughout the entire Ripple).

    And if this was a RPG, the Sentinels would have purple names and could kill you with one hit if you wake them! Anglo needs to get his butt back on here.
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    Minar, Ardorians - Yup, because horror adds suspense/thrill.
    Yay creepy graveyard!

    The mysterious woman needs a name. I'll work on that. I'll also work on her connection with Cupio. I'll tell you when I'm finished.

    Papio, Elysians and Scoians - The pattern makes me think of how some phones need a pattern to unlock them.
    That's why I try to draw things out. But sometimes THAT doesn't work.
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    II/V - Well, I'm 19 and still only have a part part time job (that is, I work from 12-2pm only on Fridays). But I might get a job at Six soon as I fill out an application.

    Okay, okay. Lackeys. At any rate, I'm still trying to figure out who will carry the "corpse" of Kinrai and the bloodstained, despicable Andrim (Vita will NOT want to carry the latter). I'm thinking of bringing Elrik back on the scene, without the Weiss family (their evening was ruined enough. Ah! Is it still night time?


    Wu, Zestians - Now I just have to worry about how deep underground the crystal geckos are, and the environment. I'm thinking melted and distorted crystals radiating extreme colors. And it's incredibly hot. Yeah, Alegn would be perfect. More danger to get to the capital. As for the savage dogs and giant ravens, I was just trying to imagine the mutations that would happen to animals. Creedo's fine.
    Right, no dwarves.
    I'm going to really piece the RP together today.
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    I/V - It's the opposite here. I'm the sarcastic one, and no one can tell if I'm being serious or not. (So sad) Maybe I should move to Finland.

    Actually, after some research (Two and a Half Men), it turns out that the left ear implies a guy is gay. Well, since I'm not a boy, I never really paid attention.

    Hm. See, I'm open to almost any manga except "ecchi" (even if the artwork at first seems well done), Yuri/Yaoi (perhaps a BoyxBoy manga every once in awhile, but definately nothing GirlxGirl), Mecha (I just hate it), and manga with overly muscular men (I'm a girl, so I want Bishonen, cute or decent looking male characters). So, sadly, Berserk doesn't appeal to me. Besides, my favorite mangas involve either explosive powers coming from nowhere or tragic stories, with a comedy or two mixed in. Ah, but Magi was interesting (involves a muscular summoning). But, Berserk does sound interesting. I just have to get pass my expectations. Hasn't happened yet.
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    This time, I haven't replied thanks to obsessing (though, my friends obsessed more than I ever have) over The Hunger Games. :/

    Ha! It's been a long time since I've BEATEN a game (perfection is a must -- stupid KH games :/). I've only broken the power button of my computer. o.o

    The only timed part I reached with Sin was "defeating" him before he opens his mouth, and I did so without Yojimbo (since he failed me). At this rate, I won't ever beat FFX. Plus, I don't have much gil (apparently).

    I don't think I can control Falteer, but farag0n may be able to do so.

    I loved listening to "Explore." Of course, it's been awhile since I last listened to it, but I remember feeling calmed when I did. (I read through the posts before, but never had a chance to reply due to something my mom wanted me to do.)
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    IV/IV - 2

    Speaking of Zanarkand, I loved how when I finally got to Zanarkand in FFX, my favorite song was playing in the background (awesome for grinding). But, I digress.

    So, the Ripple is like a combination of AC (space) and KH (worlds). xD But then again, not really!
    Perhaps one such "tool" could be one's reflection (as far as the Vici travelling between Sigil and Silmeria). If you don't have a strong enough tool, you and the tool will "break" or "shatter." Oh and no "tool" makes it impossble to breath, but with enough effort, it is possible to travel a short while (which is how some of the beings of Silmeria make it over to Sigil). It's a universe...with an end?! O.O

    I tried my best to shorten. (Really hard to do...)
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