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    Yeah, I originally had her as the possible antagonist, but really, thinking about her position, the mysterious woman only wished to change her tragic fate (that is, a short life span that also robbed her of her ability to walk). I still have to figure out her relationship with Cupio, though. Most legends are based on ordinary people (the interesting ones, at least). It's how one acts that set history down a new path.

    Papio, Elysians and Scoians - Yay random stars! xD Black-and-white.
    Perhaps a specific hand gesture -- or rather, a particular pattern to "draw" upon the World Sphere that allows them to be sucked in the "space?" Perhaps the right pattern will create a "ripple" that distorts them until they completely vanish and in the process enter the "space?" Does that make sense? (Imagination vs Text xD)
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    Wu, Zestians - I like the concept of crystal geckos, or any creature that can mimic the crystals within the caves. That way, regardless of the time, there will be protective deities of sorts that detest outsiders. As for earthworms, they seem better for open land (where they could surprise the enemy). There could be savage "dogs" or giant ravens with multiple eyes stalking the land. :O
    Your idea sounds like the home of dwarves. xD That, or dark/drow elves. Hm, I'll think about it a bit more as I try to better piece together the RP as a whole.

    Minar, Ardorians - Cool! I love the creepiness.
    Ah, perhaps the civil war was originally fought to determine the leader and their home turf, but pride eventually turned the battles into a slaughter ground. Those that survived gained respect, but the forsakened land trapped the deceased in the form of ever present mist. Oh, and sometimes, you can see the actual forms of those who died.
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    I/IV - Of course, if you say "I honestly care about you" or "I genuinely love this song" sarcastically, only a fool would take you seriously. xP Well, if your roommates are like me, only in the afternoon would I take your "announcement" seriously...probably. :3

    Nah, only cool guys can pull off an earring (in my opinion). O.O I thought two earrings implies you're gay.

    I had been reading KHR, but recently, I've been trying to find other manga. The showdown seems interesting (such as Tsuno vs his father), but yeah, the shortness doesn't entertain me. :/ I'm rooting for either Reborn (for the reactions) and Uni (to live on).

    II/IV - I feel like I'll get a job when the universe deems it so (since today I had a lot of bad luck attempting to get a job). :o

    So the trio is identified as "students," eh? I'll still go with slaves, with the exception of Kinrai (talk about an outright rebellion against your mentor xD). Ah, I like how you present those "impossible odds," though.
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    Once again, after a long wait, I shall reply!

    This is the problem with long waits between replying to messages (forgetting the meaning behind what was said). Ah well.

    I just hate when I can't beat a game. :/
    Ah, in FFX, I'm at the part where I can go anywhere via airship. By the way, I think that Yojimbo is useless (since I'm stingy with my money xD).

    The sad thing is that you may have to turn Falteer into an important NPC. Anglo has been so silent lately.

    Awesome description of the song (which I assume is from Skyrim), but sadly, the link leads to a dead end for me (not working). :/
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    Oh, believe me, on the inside, I was going *Le Gasp* every five seconds, especially when the TWEWY crew popped up one by one.

    I. Didn't know that. *watches with subtitles* Ah, it makes more sense now. So Neku made a promise with the "mystery man" (Riku, Ansem, or Xehonart). My theory is Riku and Sora are conscious in those dream worlds, but just like any dream, they don't have control over their conscious. Thus, the "mystery man" weakened Sora's conscious to the point that he fainted.

    Sorry, I just meant that the Dream Eaters are Heartless look-a-likes. They act like Heartless as well. Sora and Riku "dive" into the dream worlds with their keyblades, of course. I assume Sora's and Riku's bodies are asleep in the world of light, like Ventus.

    About the ending: Sora has Ventus's heart in him, as well as the Sora-look-alike, Vanitas, who resides in Ventus's heart (his dark side). Basically, Sora's body collects lost hearts.

    But March is too far away!
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    OMG! Literally, the moment I saw Joshua, I did a fangirl scream! And not just Joshua, the whole cast of TWEWY is going to be in KH: DDD! It took all my strength to not do a fangirl scream throughout the whole trailer. xD

    Yeah, I'm filled with questions as well. If only there was an english version, I probably wouldn't be as confused. Also, what's up with Sora fainting in that one scene? Ah, yeah, I remember hearing "Dream Eaters," but I think there will still be "Heartless" more or less. I mean, some of the monsters look like "Heartless."

    Ah, and what's up with the Dream Eaters being in real life? How does that work? Can you really hold Dream Eaters and project them on real life surfaces?

    Back on topic, I wonder if it will really be released in March? That was the Japanese trailer; the English game may be released on a separate date. But yeah, I want a 3DS as well.
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    Your first idea reminds me of FFX/FFX-2 when they see Zanarkand all around them, yet they can't touch anything. I think the second one would be best. By having a "tangible" image of Silmeria and Sigil, it incorporates the architectual visions of the Elysians and benefits the Scoians in terms of navigation. And it looks more like a World Sphere than the first idea (which seems harder to view as a whole).

    Born a Scoian (gives a sense of a fated destiny).

    Ah, so the Ripple would be the space between worlds? Kind of like the empty space in KH between worlds or white space in Assassin Creed before hopping into another memory? I like it! Oh, and how about the Ripple becomes more distorted and difficult to navigate the further the world is? It would be like the difference between swimming in the shallow end of an ocean and diving deeper into the depths of the ocean. Eventually, gravity and air pressure would crush a fragile body.
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    IV/IV -

    Creedo - Yay!
    Alegn - Yup!

    You could say the mysterious woman was more of a romantic. "I wish our time together could last for eternity." "I don't want to die..." "If only time would stop moving forever, I could stay like this by Cupio's side!" Humans are selfish and greedy by nature, but above all, the mysterious woman was delusional. She ultimately took the lives of others and made them inhuman. Rejected by the "person" she loved most, Cupio, her only hope was to gather beings like her, moon elves capable of crossing worlds (Amn). However, the moon elves have one defect she doesn't when venturing to Amn: amnesia. So, the mysterious woman left behind the Voco e Vorago and became the legendary Moon Goddess for the moon elves.

    Papio, Elysians and Scoians - The picture reminds me of a reverse planetarium (being a small sphere). Will the room be white or black? I think the first one should be a "black" room, and the second a "white" room.
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    III/IV - Ah, okay.

    Wu, Zestians - I was thinking of a desolate land with sharp rocks penetrating from the ground. There are eerie caves of various sizes that seem to ward off visitors, especially due to the misty chill surrounding them. However, once inside, the caves are warm and filled with gems, jewels, colorful minerals -- everything you'd expect of a dwarves' mine.

    Minar, Ardorians - How about "Arcane Graveyard," "Arcane Krypt," or "Arcane Battlegrounds"? I like the image of a gothic land with arcane vapors escaping the spot where a fallen Ardorian resides. Perhaps after death, their horns shatter and release the vapor? Yay, red eyes!
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    The KH manga look like they're designated to children, but it's humorous. It's even more fustrating for most of the manga I read to end up with slow releases, and sometimes it's not even the mangaka's fault. It must be hard to translate tons of manga, tweak them, correct their visability, etc.

    II/IV - You don't get paid much with a lunch time job due to less hours. I need to get a "real" part-time job. :/

    Sure, sure.~ Well, their fates cannot escape Nilak. Actually, everyone's fate is being lead to Nilak. o.O Ah, right. So, Falteer knows what it's like to be treated like a slave. ;p -- Oh noes, the future of ToA seems bleak indeed!
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