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  1. sure,.. thx>

    sure,.. thx><
  2. ???

    whats a EU Nostale forum?
  3. Sticky: thanks ty thx tks thank you

    thanks ty thx tks thank you
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    simply sweet
  5. ....

    erm....not sure.........................cause i dont have the patience in checking every word by the dictionary.......

    i think its something like this...

    nostale.dat have a problem and must be...
  6. erm....I tried

    nostalex.dat hat ein Problem festgestellt und muss beendet werden.

    Falls Sie lhre Arbeit noch nicht gespeichert hatten,können Daten...
  7. Can I actually download Nostale in Switzerland?

    As I have said can i really download Nostale(UK)in Switzerland? I think its quite near to it but it doesnt seems to work-_-.....I've tried a few times and it said theres problems and asked me to send...
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    I think blade is better

    Archers are fast but you need to buy arrows. And swordys is high in level but low in attack.To me, I would prefer blade.Blade is fast and cool
    assasins are fast too but you need to spend on them.
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    Well I think its too hard to earn wool,i suggests...

    Well I think its too hard to earn wool,i suggests to kill madras and earn mandragonas.
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