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Thread: way to fix weapon upgrade game crash xD

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    Default way to fix weapon upgrade game crash xD

    it is Simple, repair your weapon before you upgrade to next stage, well i find out why i keep crashing lol.. hope it work for those that have trouble upgrading...

    upgrade a lv20 weapon lv5 100% In sun Spot with lv2 magic crystal in Star spot, and a upgrade gem lv1( with the typo of lv11) in magic cube moon spot..
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    actually i heard that if you try to upgrade and dont meet the lvl required you will crash...i also tested this a few times...was lvl 22 tried to upgrade to stage 2=crashed...lvl 23=upgraded to stage 2

    lvl 25 tried to upgrade to stage 3=crash,lvled to 26 tried again and worked.

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