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Thread: Latale...MS clone?

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    I already know theres gonna be a wipe but why should I care, leveling is a piece of cake in latale anyway and I wanna go try out the instance dungeons and stuff, didn't level past 25 in the CB so couldn't really complete them

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    lol im downloading the client from the main site and so far, by the time it's done OB will be over


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    Since people here constantly like to say "this game is a clone of that game" and it really annoys me, I'm going to do a small comparison for the 2d side scroller/platformers (MS, WS, DG, WK, LT, GO). There might be more but these 6 are the most common/I played). I'm a big fan of the 2D sidescrollers and i've have played all these games for a while. I don't see how people can say any of them are "clones"

    The abbreviations i used represent as follows:

    MS - MapleStory
    WS - Wind Slayer
    DG - Dragon Gem
    WK - WonderKing (I played the JP version)
    LT - LaTale
    GO - Ghost Soul online a.k.a Ghost Online (played JP, NA, and MY)

    The basics are pretty much the same

    F2P with cash shop
    Jobs with skill point allocation upon level up
    Job advancements
    "Cute" graphics.
    Side scroll/platform environments
    Boss monsters
    Weapon/armor enhancement
    Arrow key movement, customizable keys/quickslots
    Equips with level requirements
    Free market/stalls for vending player items.
    Various ingame events that offer unique prizes.
    More stuff I did not name

    However there are a lot of differences

    -PVP (LT, GO, WS have it. DG, WK, MS, do not.)

    -EXP rates (from what I've experienced the order from lowest to highest goes WS, GO, MS, DG and LT and WK are about the same. This is for straight grinding no cash shop or quests involved.) Also it is to be noted that MS is the only game without "degenerating exp" upon leveling up (A monster on MS gives the same amount of exp everytime you kill it regardless of level.)

    -Drop rates. When it comes to important items (such as equips, materials, pots) from what I've experienced, GO and LT have the highest, DG and WK on par, and WS then MS with the lowest.

    - Job advancement. Job advancement levels vary between the games, LT is the only one where you start with your first job. GO has rebirth I believe. WS requires players to gain "Victy" which is gained from PVP.

    -Faction system. GO appears to be the only game with one (don't think LT has one) that also gives players skills and bonuses based on what side they choose.

    -Stats. LT I believe is the only game that auto-allocates your stats based on your class. All the rest require manual input. Some require multiple stats for equipments others do not.

    -Avatars. DG, MS and WK all have characters with heads noticably larger than their bodies (it's a style people). GO, LT and WS have porportional avatars.

    -LT has some interesting features, you can mob with normal attacks (and I think most/all skills attacking). Mobbing is limited to attacking skills in the others. it is also the only game where you automatically gain money upon killing monster and you have to open up a bag to collect the drops. Players can also switch between two weapon sets (unique to LT) by pressing tab. Another feature allows players to attach an element to a weapon (MS I believe has elemental weapons but they are preset).

    Item harvesting for item creation - WK, LT, WS have areas you go to harvest materials used in creating various items. MS, DG and GO do not.

    GO has a unique concept - Various souls can be absorbed to recover partial SP, full recovery, fill sealed items (used for enchanting weapons and armor to make them stronger) and rage from defeated enemies. all players when they reach level 10 can activate rage mode which allows the player to temporarily double their damage output. GO also has auto fishing which can be used to aquire fish for selling or consumption

    Pets - they vary in features depending on the game but most for the ones that got em they all loot items for the player I believe. Some attack, speak, require feeding, etc. There are even mounts

    Player shops/vending - DG allows you to vend anywhere in a safe zone, others require you to be in a specific zone (GO, WK, WS) and others require permits bought via cash shop/npc (MS, LT)

    -More stuff I did not name...

    There's a lot of differences between all of them (a lot more than i listed and in some places a bit more specific.) so it's incorrect to say that any of them are "clones" especially since the word implies that they are identical. How about we all use "similar" from now on because as I've previously stated, all those games have similarites.

    EDIT- I believe GO has a mining area as well.
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