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Thread: Anyone else pissed at War-Europe (GOA) at the moment?

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    Default Anyone else pissed at War-Europe (GOA) at the moment?

    I'm totally screwed by GoA since my CE pre-order is really going for naught. The US CE pre-orders got a closed-beta invite and a preview weekend to see the game. While EU players have not even heard news of when the european beta is starting nor anything for us CE pre-orders who were supposed to be special from the ones who order the "normal version" of the game.

    Top of all this the european site looks like pile of s*** (www.war-europe.com) and it feels like they are not even caring about the european community. I'm just saying I regret for pre-ordering the game, could've just taken it from work when it arrives (I work for importer) but instead I had to take a step and pre-order it from some company and after all I bet my "head-start" will become a "late-start".

    I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same. I'm excited about the game but damn I want something for my money. lol

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    I preordered my game and i'm not that bothered about when i play i just wanted the nice looking collectors edition for the graphic novel and Rare orc miniture.

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