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    Default Magic of the Gods

    Game Name: Magic of the Gods


    Game Description:

    Magic of the Gods is currently a free to play 3D MMORPG.

    Intro to Magic of the Gods, from the official forums:

    Magic of the Gods is different from other games. What you do matters. You can permanently change the game world by what you do in the game. Players can create towns, realms, religions, guilds, armies or any kind of organization. Craftsmen can invent new items and new craft skills. Magic-users can invent new kinds of magic spells. The most powerful magic allows you to create new kinds of magic items, new kinds of creatures and even new playable races.

    Another way that Magic of the Gods is different is that instead of creating a finished game and going through the process of alpha testing, beta testing and then a formal game launch, we are letting people play even though the game is not finished.

    The in-game explanation for this is that the world has just been created and the gods are still working on it. The "gods" are controlled by real people, both admins and players. They are not just names or non-player characters. The gods really do have the power to change the game world any way they want to. In real life, some of the people playing the part of the gods are the game developers who have the ability to reprogram the game.

    But the gods do not all agree on what the world should be like. Players can participate in the ongoing drama by seeking out the gods and asking them to change the world to include the players' own ideas. Players can take sides in struggles between the gods. Players can gain the favor of the gods and obtain powerful magic from them. With enough magic, you can reshape the world yourself. You could even become one of the gods.

    Or, you can try to stay out of the way of the gods and have adventures in a world that is always changing.

    On the downside, the game isn't finished, the graphics are lame (but programmers are hard at work fixing this), you can't customize your character much (programmers are working on this, too) and there aren't very many players (yet). All these things can be fixed and probably will be fairly soon. We will change or fix things that players ask the gods to change. The more powerful and influential your character becomes, the more the gods will pay attention to you. Or, if you have very good ideas, you may impress the gods and become influential just because of your suggestions on how to improve the game.

    We are looking for players who are more interested in what the game can become than what it is now. We are looking for people who will be alpha testers as well as the first players. We have created the most basic beginning of a game that can evolve from the interactions of players, magic and the gods. Come help the game evolve into whatever you want it to be.

    Publisher: Charles Champion

    Platforms: PC, MAC, etc.

    Genre: 3D Graphics

    Status: open beta

    Game website:

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    Looks like the sample project for RealmCrafter, did you even change anything?

    Good luck on this...

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