when I received my notice yesterday about warhammer readiness,
I freaked once i got to the download part from fileplanet.
before you ask where the link? you need a beta key.
I got it all on auto but its almost 10gig!!!
9-10 gig! thats massive! hey! if it stops lag I don't really care.
At the moment I'm downloading other games, like
ace online - got
r2 online - just got
perfect world international - getting
So I can't continue downloading yet!
its going take a few days to get it,
I have until September 6 -7 when beta opens!
so I have plenty of time, 9-10 gig is a high order
I don't know if it'll be updating another 2 -3 gig when i launch it.
Either way I'm happy about getting the files and being in the beta soon