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Thread: Realm of Heroes: seeking lead programmer

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    Lightbulb Realm of Heroes: seeking lead programmer

    Team name:
    I'm a one man "team" with this project. So I wouldn't consider it much of a team. I'm looking for a programmer to complete the "team" I suppose. I haven't had great luck with this. People usually just lose contact after a while. So I'm all there is, for now.

    Project name:
    The project is going by "Realm of Heroes" (as the title says). This sounds nice, in my opinion, but if other developer(s) disagree, it can be changed.

    Brief description:
    I've been involved with another project, but it's been slow. So in short, I've started working on graphics and gathering audio for a project that will allow me to use some of my older graphics, and some fresh ones. A hobby that will keep me busy that I can also enjoy.

    The basics:

    Retro, cartoony graphics (all 2d)

    Highly customizable characters (gender, race, hair style, hair color)

    Paperdoll system for equipment (equipped items appear on your character)

    4 directional, isometric, tile-based movement (using the arrow keys).

    Easy combat (one attack button for a weapon attack. which could be any kind of weapon from dagger to bow and anything in between...)

    Unique spells, skills and traps (loads of cool looking, and diverse spells to bring strategy to battles)

    Easy chat system (anything typed will be entered in a chat bar, then the enter key broadcasts this in the form of a chat bubble above your character)

    More detailed features and goals will be placed in the design document, which is in the middle of being written.

    Target aim:
    Free with a possibility of a cash-shop, or pay features. I'm not looking for this to be a very professional game, so I wouldn't expect any sort of forced pay.

    Like I said, this is more of a hobby game than a professional one. Any money that could possibly be made would obviously be split up between developers, though.

    The tools used and language used are up to the programmer. Whatever is most flexible, and easy for the programmer will work for me. The game should be written from scratch though (meaning that a pre-made engine does not count). For art, I use Graphics Gale and Photoshop.

    Talent needed:
    Lead programmer: someone with experience in programming MMORPGs and understands the basic concepts of isometric graphics.

    Team structure:

    Been working on this for a while. I've accumulated a good amount of graphics over the past couple of weeks and thought it was about time I start searching for other developers. I do have experience in spriting, pixel art, web graphics, and I know Photoshop from head to toe.

    Sprites and misc. graphics used in game, web graphics and design, game design, concept art (my drawn art is not so great, but I'm working on it )

    If interested, email me, add me as an IM contact, or post in this topic. I'm on this address fairly often. Please don't add unless you're interested in the position.

    My email address is

    Additional Info:

    The graphics and design are heavily influenced by the games Dark Ages and Endless-Online. It would be helpful if you've played these games, but it's not totally necessary. But I do recommend at least checking them out. The Endless-Online client is about 15mb.


    Anything helpful. Hopefully nothing too harsh though.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer through email, IM or post.

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    Hey there,
    I'm a computer-science student with a lot of experience developing both applications and websites. I have a passion for online gaming, and I've been trying to create my own game for some time now.

    Your post came with perfect timing, as I just began my search for a graphic artist (see my post: Programmer looking for Graphic Artist and other talents).

    I really like your pixel artwork, and I'm very interested in working with you to develop a quality online game.

    Please get in touch with me via,
    aim: mikemurz
    or PM me for my e-mail address.


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    The thread has gotten fairly good response, and currently, I have found someone. If for some reason, things don't go right (hopefully, that won't be the case), I'll make sure to contact you.

    Thanks for showing interest, though. And good luck with your project.

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    The position is open, again. So, bumping with some random images.

    A spell called "Burst".

    A spell called "Ember".

    A spell called "Cure".


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