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    Default Revolution Online

    Team name:
    ElliMedia at

    Project name:
    Revolution Online

    Brief description:
    Revolution Online is a multiplayer online role playing game.
    The games genre is Fantasy. Saying it is medieval does not work, as it also has modernized objects and the like in it.

    Target aim:
    Revolution Online will be free forever. However, in the future a Cash Shop may be implemented to give much needed revenue to fund the game.
    Our aim is to create a fun community in which players can quest, market, chat, and so much more. We hope to create a full fledged manufacturing system.

    If the game does earn revenue (as mentioned above via the Cash Shop), all money not spent to support the game will be distributed amongst staff members based on Work Quality.

    We hope to program the game in C++ for its popularity among programmers.
    Tools used may/will include: Graphics Gale, ACID, MAGIX Music Maker, Borland C++, and so forth.

    Talent needed:

    Lead Programmer (Preferably with a server, however a server is not compulsory)

    If you think you could be of help with other skills, please inquire.

    Team structure:

    Myself - Writer, Game Designer, Musician, Web Designer
    MegaMoogle - Pixel Artist
    De-Luge - Concept Artist

    The website for RO is still under construction.

    Contacts: - Apply Via E-Mail - Apply Via Forums

    Please give approximately 3 days for a reply at the utter latest but expect one within the day.

    Previous Work by Team:

    Myself - Magicide Online (Under Progress, Helped with Music)
    & GuSoLe Online (Owner abandoned)
    MegaMoogle -

    Additional Info:
    Storyline Snippets:

    "...Long ago, the Dark Templar roamed the world, scourging all living things. The land was dying, cursed by his darkness. Where his flesh touched, decay followed. Flames erupted under his feet as he walked..."

    "...The Twenty Five fabled congre’sin, the most powerful beings in the world, caught him by surprise, and each channeled all of what was them at the Templar, using their own lives to once again seal him into Nak’than’dir, Prison of the Damned..."

    "...twenty five glowing rings, now called congre’sin, because of that which created them, far too big to fit on a finger, shot out over the world..."

    "...No sailor dares venture into the Unknown Islands..."

    "...You awake on a beach...People are moving around on the beach you realize, you recognize none of them. Slowly but surely, you make your way to what looks like a settlement

    "...“Dark Spawn! Dark Spawn! The Prison of the Damned is weakening! We are doomed!”..."

    "...So it begins… a congre’suan thinks.
    May the Light have mercy on us all..."

    Screenshots/Mocks/What game may look like:

    Anything helpful.

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    Just a quick note: A Programmer has joined, however I am still looking for a lead programmer.
    Notice: Sprites changed.

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