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Thread: This Game any Good?

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    Post This Game any Good?

    Yeah just need to know cause downlaoding something and then uninstalling it 5 mins l8er isnt fun

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    Lol yea...
    Its probably the best F2P game out there
    This is me...

    This is my opposite...

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    I have played almost every other free MMO out there and none come close to Rappelz.

    Rappelz has the best pet system ... you dont have to wait till your level 30 to get one .. as soon as you learn the summoning skill at level 8 you can spawn one ... if you have one that is.

    You can tame a pet at level ten ... but you need a pet card which can be bought from the NPC's on the continent.

    Pets are useful as they can fight along side of you. My turtle has saved my butt many times. On trainee island you will see people with other types of pets as they come there to train the pets on easy mobs or are using them to fight for new characters they are beginning.

    The basic pets are Pantera, Tortus and 'whatever the rooster is called and I can't remember atm' and the cards for these pets can be bought at the NPC.
    The cards also drop when you kill monsters (mobs).

    You can also purchase rides with in game money (rupees) that last for 6 hours from the adventure guide.

    There is an auction house where you can buy and sell stuff to other players even if you are not online

    Don't be afraid to ask questions or restart your character .. there is no wait to delete a char or to reuse a name of a char... not like some other games I could mention.

    People usually do quests till they are level 30 and then go to the dungeons and level up faster. Personally I never go to the dungeons as I like to solo with my Cleric.

    Some players are past the 130 level and I don't believe there is a level cap.

    Oct 15 2008 I believe part 2 of epic V is coming out

    Never give anyone your password as the GMs will never ask for it .. they don't have to have it. Always make sure you are getting what you want in a trade and check around before buying .. someone may have it cheaper

    Certain items are cash shop only (real money) but they do not effect game play or make your character better than another persons they are mostly appearance related or have to do with stamina ( a in game experience booster which cannot be bought or sold ) although stamina savers can be bought and sold except for the ones you get on trainee island

    I could rant some more but dunna wanna swamp yah
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    Hopefully this might be the game that I will stick forever

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