Hi, I have been working on a free game on my free time for the past 2 years. The game is called Decayed of Zombies. The main reason the game hasn't gone that far is because I did not ever hire a sprite artist but recently I have and the game production is going fast and I see a need for new members of our team to make this game grow and grow. I currently need about 5 mappers preferably with scripting knowledge. Also about 5 player mods to watch the chats preferably with past expierience. Email me at DOZADMIN@mmorpg.dracsoft.com Here is the link to the Mod Client for the game so u can see how the map editor works and see if you think you can do it, I will test you on your mapping skills and scripting skills. If you don't get a position as a mod in this game do not fear I like to tryout members for modship for helping out in the game by looking for bugs and reporting cheaters and all that good stuff .... Thanks -DoZAdmin

DoZ Dev Client - http://myfreefilehosting.com/f/4609b456fd_0.3MB