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    The Plague is the Warhammer Online guild of Old School Gamers. Old School Gamers has been around in one form or fashion since 1999. Members of OSG are team players and are 18+. We expect to enter the Warhammer World with extreme prejudice as we carve our way through the digital landscape! Members for our team are always being accepted. While guild membership is separate from OSG, we hope that everyone who joins will want to be a part of our team. We are a multi-gaming group first and foremost with varied interests and something for every gamer out there!

    Guild contact : Balti, or any officer
    Server: Core server: Badlands

    Q: Is The Plague a hardcore or casual guild?
    A: We have both types of players. Personally, I have a strange work schedule, a wife and two sons. I play when I can. Many of our members are the same. We understand that our gaming time is a precious commodity and strive within our group to make it an enjoyable experience for EVERYONE.

    Q: Are you looking for quantity or quality members?
    A: We always strive for quality over quantity. We may never be the biggest group, clan or guild in a game, but our members have been gaming together for years and enjoy each other's company. We have a 30 day process after an application for membership is submitted to "get to know one another". We feel this is important.

    Q: Why pick Destruction?
    A: We are the "good guys" in real life - why not play the "bad guys" in online games?

    Q: I'm 16, why can't I join your guild?
    A: Our web site and TeamSpeak is full of adult language. We strive to keep our group for adults only and we don't want someone's parents complaining on our forums or TeamSpeak about their "child" being there.

    Q: What can I expect from The Plague and Old School Gamers?
    A: Fun. Plain and simple. Plus, we don't just play one game and gradually disappear over time all over the internet to other groups. We are first and foremost a multi-gaming group. There is something for everyone here and we will not disappear overnight to merge with another group or disband altogether. We'll be around until they stop making games for the PC. The biggest draw for me is the good times, friendship and comraderie within our group. If you are tired of switching from one group to another, tired of childish "clan" drama, or are looking for your first online gaming've found the right place. We look forward to meeting you.
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