Nostale has prepared a giveaway for Onrpg users!

All new players who enter our game and are also members of
will receive entry level consumables to help them through the initial
stages of the game.


Fried Chicken (50)
Gillion Stones (10)
Pets Guardian Doll (1)
Miniland Sculpture (Nosmal item)

2. Once these players reach level 21, Nostale wishes to reward them with some
fun and nice items like a free nosmall costume to decorate their
character. Only the first 100 to reach level 21 will be entitled to the reward.

Costume (1 Week)
Gillion stones (20)
Fried Chicken (99)

3. Also the first 100 players to become pajama spe******ts will be
rewarded with 5,000 Noscash. They can use this buy various character
enhancement items in nosmall. This will allow them to take their gameplay
to a whole new experience.

4. So, How to join?

It's very easy.

First, Go to Nostale Global ( and Register yourself.

Second, create your character.

Thrid, come back to and log-in. If you are not yet a member please sign up here .

Forth, come back to this Forum Page .(

Fifth. Nostale GM will welcome you. So, Leave your IGN there.

Six. When you reach Lv. 21 and Pajama Spe******t. take screen shot and post it on Nostale Forum site.

Seven. Enjoy Nostale !!