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    Default Deadman Wonderland

    Deadman Wonderland, a new, privately owned and operated prison, where the inmates are the main attraction in the amusement park built in just beside the prison. There are attractions similar to other parks and some that can only be found here like "Dog Race" where the audiences will watch the prisoners as they race through the obstacles.

    Life in Deadman Wonderland is close to normal with the exception of those in death row. The said prisoners wear a collar which injects poison to them slowly and will kill them if they don't manage to get 100,000 CPs to buy a "candy", the so called name of the antidote, every 3 days which is the limit of the human body.

    CP or Cast Points is the currency used inside the private prison which will be in the form of a credit card. It can be used to buy anything from clothings, food, cosmetics, furnitures, etc. and even to bail yourself out of the prison if you manage to earn enough. CP is earned through working in the amusement park or winning contests like the "Dog Race" where you could win 100,000 CPs.

    And that is Deadman Wonderland!


    The real purpose of this prison lies in secret...

    The letters "A" to "F" symbolizes the six sectors of the prison, or so the prisoners think there're only 6. Deep within the ground lies the "G" sector where the main attraction of the facility is secretly being held...

    "Carnival Corpse", The greatest form of entertainment in all of Deadman Wonderland. "Deadmen", people infected with the "Branch of Sin", the ability to manipulate their own blood and use it as a weapon for killing. These are experiments designed to fully exhibit their abilities. Their contents are most frequently fight to the death between "Deadmen".

    Each "Deadmen" have a randomized title of their own, taken from names of birds, and is randomly chosen when they first arrive in the prison. Everyday, a fight will be held on a bird cage-like arena where 2 "Deadmen" will fight until one of them either couldn't fight anymore, gave up, or dead, but most of the time, the victor wouldn't kill his opponent for something much more amusing will happen. The winner will get 1 million CPs.

    Every 3 at noon of the day after the match, the "Punishment Game" will be broadcasted throughout the "G" sector and to the vile rich watchers. The "Deadman" who had just lost his match is tied in a chair in a middle of a room. On his front is a slot machine, a personnel right beside it. The personnel will start the slot machine then wait for the prisoner's command to stop it. The slot machine will stop and show the prisoner and the personnel a specific body part/organ. The said body part will then be removed from him.

    This is the real purpose of the creation of Deadman Wonderland; to capture and held captive of these people.

    ((Unlike sectors A to F, sector G is completely sealed from the surface world and has more shops than the first six sectors, like a Ramen Shop, a bar, a restaurant, salon, etc...))


    Character Sheet

    Branch of Sin: (How do you use your power? Do you make blades out of your blood? a whip? And what do you call it? Anything, but only one. Note that blood is limited, that's one weakness of overusing your power and ranged branch of sin attacks. Also note that you have to be bleeding to use your power)
    Title: (Bird species. Example: Owl, Hummingbird, Crow.)




    Background History: (Background of your character and how you got into the prison. Most of the time it's you accidentally activating your power and killing someone. Either way, if the government found out that you're infected with the branch of sin, they'll try to hide the truth and do everything, for you to get charged as guilty and sent to Deadman Wonderland.)

    ((OOC: I know that i'm not good in english so please bear with me ))

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    ((OOC: Sounds interesting *already has a character in mind and was hoping a good RP would come about so she could make a character with a split personality. xD ))

    Character Sheet

    Name: Lilith Gareth
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Branch of Sin: Lilith can use her blood to shoot at her opponent, varying in sizes of a thin needle to what looks like a cone shaped missile. Either way, it shoot through or at the body and use the blood of others gathered to track them for awhile. Using cone shaped missiles are really draining, and even if they can attack someone for awhile, the lose of blood could make her anemic. So, Lilith uses her blood like needles, using sending them diving down on her opponent in various directions, converging upon them. She really ever does direct attacks, as they are easily expected.

    Title: Kingfisher

    Personality: Kind and calm; psychotic and "playful" (relentless)

    Hair: Her hair seems to be in layers, the top being blue, falling over her eyes and a bit past her ears. She also has long bangs coming in front of her ears and barely touching her shoulders. The bottom layer is black, stretching a tad past her shoulders. Her hair used to be brown, but she dyed it.
    Eyes: Her eyes are dark orangish yellow, a rare mixture indeed. When she is angry, it seems they brighten slightly.
    Other: Average height and weight. Wearing whatever she can get her hand on.

    Clothing: ((Not sure of the type of clothing required. xD ))

    Background History: Lilith lost her parents when a cowardly theif shot them and left them with bloody wounds. She was small then, yet the event was horror-stricking. Feelings of hatred and fear overwhelmed her as she hid in a safe distance not too far away. After said events, she was sent to an orphanage, but most of the caretakers noticed her strange behavior. Whenever she saw blood, she would freak out and lose herself. It got to the point when they had to take action, but by then it was too late. She killed a boy that scraped his leg and was arrested. Although she seemed kind at times, the rage she felt when she saw the theif that faithful night overwhelms her fear of blood and drives her to killing anyone nearby.

    Nurarihyon no Mago!
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    Balthazar: ”Urgh.. !! It's pink..”
    Inpa: ”Oh please, it's called being metrosexual!..."
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    can you make one on here

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    Name: Viktor Orlov Yudin
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Branch of Sin: Duel Swords are created, which he wields expertly in his able hands. They are fairly easy to handle and can give a devastating, even fatal blow. He also has a strange "phase" which he can enter. His conscious blacks out, but his rage consumes him. His pale eyes become blood red and he feels invincible. In these phases, he has been known to do the most violent acts from tearing a man's throat open with his bare hands to literally punching a man's skull in.
    Title: Condor

    Personality: He and her sister have similar personalities. They are both merciless, cunning, and witty. Unlike his sister, Viktor is loud, boisterous, arrogant, pigheaded, and selfish. He isn't afraid to tear your heart out, and mock you as he is doing so.

    Appearance: Viktor is exceedingly handsome, something that has benefitted him in the games. He is tall, standing at about 6'4 and about 190lbs and he has slightly tanned skin. His muscle is strong and lean, not too bulging or anything that would inhibit his skills in battle. He is swift, but his movements are powerful and strong. His face is symmetrical, defined, and unique. There is a scar that covers his right eye, moving from just above his eyebrow to just below the bottom curvature of his lid. His hair is a dark mass of raven locks, not long enough to be shabby, but just long enough to be ruffled by the wind. His eyes are a piercing mixture of grey and blue that matches his sister's perfectly. His lips are not too thin, and almost always turned into a menacing smirk. His eyebrows are thick, his eyelashes long, and he doesn't find any shame in showing off his body for the audience to earn as much appreciation, admirers, (and CPs) as possible.

    Clothing: His clothing is simple. A plain black or navy blue crew neck shirt. Khaki pants or shorts depending. Boots, laced tightly.

    Background History: Viktor and his twin sister, Anya, were born into a middle class family. Both lived of modest means, but never fit in with any classmates or family members. They were often each other's only companions. One day at school when they were only 10, Anya was being bullied by her classmates yet again. The twins were used to this treatment of being the odd ones out. But soon, things escalated to a violent level. Viktor broke into the circle of vicious preteens to find his sister laying unconscious, her face bloody from being thrown into the wall. That was the first day his power was activated. When he awoke from his rage, Anya was pulling him away into hiding as his victims were being rushed to the hospital.

    After being kicked out of most schools for fighting, Viktor entered a street gang. This is where his second power was activated. One night during a gang battle, Viktor was beaten nearly bloody. When his arm was sliced open with a broken bottle, he was startled to find dual swords growing from his wrists.'

    Soon after, him and his twin were captured and shipped to Deadman's Wonderland. The scar is from fighting off a group of men when they tried to take advantage of his sister while they were walking down the street.

    Name: Anya Chenkov Yudina
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Branch of Sin: Unlike her brother, Anya is able to maintain control when her powers consume her. Her Branch of Sin is to create a whip. Her whip can be long or short, smooth tanned or spiked on the ends. It can take any given form which is only limited by her imagination
    Title: Wren

    Personality: He and her sister have similar personalities. They are both merciless, cunning, and witty. Unlike her brother, Anya is much more quiet and thoughtful. She is just as cruel as her brother when she needs to be, but is a much more logical creature. While his personality is filled with passion, she is much less emotional and much more a logic based creature. She can be trapped in her own mind some days and is classified as a genius. Although her personality is varied from her brother, don't let her seemingly meek personality fool you. She doesn't have a problem kissing your cheek while slicing open your throat in the same motion.

    Appearance: Anya resembles her brother in the sense that she is exceedingly beautiful. Her features are sharp, almost foxlike in a way. She is unlike her brother in many ways. She is average to slightly below average height and thin. She has high cheekbones and the same piercing grey, blue eyes as her brother. A few freckles sprinkle the bridge of her small nose and her lips are full, usually pulled into a pensive line or a pondering pout. She is not exceedingly curvy nor exceedingly muscular, but do not be fooled. She is strong, swift, and not a stranger to pain. Although she isn't the most shapely, her figure is still that of a young lady. She has a scar that breaks the perfect symmetry of her full lips, running through the bottom lip just to the left of the center.

    Clothing: She wears simple clothing. A white silk shirt with a black leather jacket and dark denim pants that fit closely to her skin for maximum mobility.

    Background History: Viktor and his twin sister, Anya, were born into a middle class family. Both lived of modest means, but never fit in with any classmates or family members. They were often each other's only companions. Anya and Viktor were often bullied and taken advantage of.

    Anya was not always so quiet and gloomy, but once she was beaten bloody at school and realized that the only person she could trust was her brother, then she closed up all her emotions, holding them in just for him.

    After being kicked out of most schools for fighting, Viktor entered a street gang. Anya didn't approve of this, but she joined in because this was the only way they could survive and stay together. She found out about her brother's strange power when he came home after a bloody brawl one night. The next night, the rival gang came back for retaliation. Anya's powers emerged when she saved her brother's life with the blood whip she created, rendering most of the street rats either dead or immobile without a blink.

    Soon after, she and her twin were captured and shipped to Deadman's Wonderland. The scar is from the first violent act against the poor girl in school. She was surrounded by kids. Many of them were so much bigger than her. She was always tiny for her age. One boy strung her up by her hair. Another girl kicked her in the face. It was when a child picked up a nearby brick and the stone connected with her small, pale skin that her face would be scarred forever.
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    name:tamako sotira
    branch of sin:forms a shield,sword,and axe on his back,all of which vary in size and shape and can also suck lood back into his body.he calls it the red knights tools of destruction.
    title:harpey eagle
    personality:spends cast points mainly on food,"candy",and alcohol but saves a bit every time to buy himself out and is undeafeted in carnival corpse and is kind to yu until you fight him.
    clohing:black tee-shirt with a red skull design,jeans,and a black raw hide trench coat
    background history:when he was 12 a deranged homless man who always pretended to be a dark knight thought he really was and killed his mom dad and little sister the he suddenly formed a sword and shield and killed the man.
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    Name: Tyson Charger
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Branch of Sin: Laughing Weaponry, is used when both hands are bleeding and are ether touching or put together so that blood may form a heavy weapons such as a mace or a great sword but if his hands come undone the weapons will no longer be able to support the form of the weapon. The great sword is about 6 foot long and the mace is about 2 foot in diameter.
    Title: Kookaburra
    Personality: A gentle giant, kind, caring, defensive until provoked. May get very attached to someone ether weaker or smaller than him. When in fight a different side comes out, he laughs or giggles loudly almost mockingly.
    Appearance: Standing in at 6’3, weighing in at around 200 pounds of muscle, he has broad shoulders and a wide chest while having spikey, messy red hair similar to bed head with the front of his bangs sticking up to the right side. His eyes are a very light blue almost neon blue. He has scars on his hand from fights and using his branch of sin.
    Clothing: The main articles of clothing he wears is his jeans usually with a checker board bandana hanging from the left back pocket and his red and black striped long sleeve hoody. Other articles of clothing include a plain while muscle shirt with cargo shorts.
    Background History: When he was kid his family took him to Japan for vacation. While in Japan the Red Hole intended happened and unknowingly he was infected with the Branch of Sin. Later in life he goes back to Japan for a visit. While there he’s on a bus when a gang tries to ransack the bus. Trying to stop them I end up discovering my branch of sin and accidentally killed everyone on the bus, good and bad. After that they sent me to Deadman Wonderland.

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