Deadman Wonderland, a new, privately owned and operated prison, where the inmates are the main attraction in the amusement park built in just beside the prison. There are attractions similar to other parks and some that can only be found here like "Dog Race" where the audiences will watch the prisoners as they race through the obstacles.

Life in Deadman Wonderland is close to normal with the exception of those in death row. The said prisoners wear a collar which injects poison to them slowly and will kill them if they don't manage to get 100,000 CPs to buy a "candy", the so called name of the antidote, every 3 days which is the limit of the human body.

CP or Cast Points is the currency used inside the private prison which will be in the form of a credit card. It can be used to buy anything from clothings, food, cosmetics, furnitures, etc. and even to bail yourself out of the prison if you manage to earn enough. CP is earned through working in the amusement park or winning contests like the "Dog Race" where you could win 100,000 CPs.

And that is Deadman Wonderland!


The real purpose of this prison lies in secret...

The letters "A" to "F" symbolizes the six sectors of the prison, or so the prisoners think there're only 6. Deep within the ground lies the "G" sector where the main attraction of the facility is secretly being held...

"Carnival Corpse", The greatest form of entertainment in all of Deadman Wonderland. "Deadmen", people infected with the "Branch of Sin", the ability to manipulate their own blood and use it as a weapon for killing. These are experiments designed to fully exhibit their abilities. Their contents are most frequently fight to the death between "Deadmen".

Each "Deadmen" have a randomized title of their own, taken from names of birds, and is randomly chosen when they first arrive in the prison. Everyday, a fight will be held on a bird cage-like arena where 2 "Deadmen" will fight until one of them either couldn't fight anymore, gave up, or dead, but most of the time, the victor wouldn't kill his opponent for something much more amusing will happen. The winner will get 1 million CPs.

Every 3 at noon of the day after the match, the "Punishment Game" will be broadcasted throughout the "G" sector and to the vile rich watchers. The "Deadman" who had just lost his match is tied in a chair in a middle of a room. On his front is a slot machine, a personnel right beside it. The personnel will start the slot machine then wait for the prisoner's command to stop it. The slot machine will stop and show the prisoner and the personnel a specific body part/organ. The said body part will then be removed from him.

This is the real purpose of the creation of Deadman Wonderland; to capture and held captive of these people.

((Unlike sectors A to F, sector G is completely sealed from the surface world and has more shops than the first six sectors, like a Ramen Shop, a bar, a restaurant, salon, etc...))


Character Sheet

Branch of Sin: (How do you use your power? Do you make blades out of your blood? a whip? And what do you call it? Anything, but only one. Note that blood is limited, that's one weakness of overusing your power and ranged branch of sin attacks. Also note that you have to be bleeding to use your power)
Title: (Bird species. Example: Owl, Hummingbird, Crow.)




Background History: (Background of your character and how you got into the prison. Most of the time it's you accidentally activating your power and killing someone. Either way, if the government found out that you're infected with the branch of sin, they'll try to hide the truth and do everything, for you to get charged as guilty and sent to Deadman Wonderland.)

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