Engine Used: Modified version of ED3.3.2.

Features: MM is trying to become as unique as possible. This game features a custom leveling system, 16x32 sprites, 32x32 large NPCs, 64x64 boss NPCs, unique gameplay, unique questing, and so much more.

Newly Added Features:
The ability for Hunters to equip guns.
Revert - The ability to go back to level 1 and change class.
Skill Classes - Three new sets of skills for each class
PK Points - A bonus currency earned by killing other players (Can buy special items with them).
Highscores - A ranking that shows who is the top PKer in MM.

Description: MM is a unique game that is trying to become as unique as possible!

Staff: Owner: Sylint; Co-Owner: Giaken; Programmer: Giaken;

Website / Forum:
Website: Click here
Forum: Click here


Other Info: I'll put up some screenshots and more information soon. I just got everything mini-sized working perfectly so I'm taking a break.