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I dont see the radeon 9200 on that list.

My pc scrapes a pass for evrything else & i was wondering if anyone has tried it with a 9200? I'm running xp & have 1.5 GB ram, P4 2.8 GHz please tell me i dont have to shell out for a new card!

My uncle has a radeon 9300 or 9400 & though i dont see them on the list either does anyone know how well they'll run it?
Time for you and your uncle to get new cards as those are antiques now. http://www.newegg.com has 16 AGP cards under $50 that would do you a world of good. They aren't top of the line, but neither is the AGP standard and they will get the job done. However, Warhammer Online even with a new card isn't going to run very well on your machine. At low settings with effects off it'll be ugly, but somewhat playable. Just my 2 cents.

Example Card: