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Thread: Informations and Facts about Seal Online

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    Default Informations and Facts about Seal Online

    Hello everybody, first of all, I dont think anyone remembers me lol.
    I dont post on onrpg's forum alot, but I have been playing mmorpg's for almous 9 years now, so my experiences on mmorpgs arent that bad.
    I have played/tried/tested/hardcored generally all mmorpgs out there (yes, even the most failure ones eg. ogre island). From F2P with Cash Shop to B2P and P2P, I have experienced all.

    Lol, lets get get to the point:
    Do you feel like theres simply no good F2P games anymore? You cant play P2P games because you dont want to pay for games? But in your deep heart, you keep browsing for mmorpg sites, downloading million of games, uninstalling them in the same day, feeling frustrated for no game? or just interested in starting Seal Online?

    I have experienced that feeling many times as well, I was about to give up, but I decided to give Seal Online an another try, and it turned out very addictive to me. So, next I will give you a brief information about the game.

    Note: If you just want to know about Seal Online, start from here, ignore everything I said above.

    Seal Online consist of 6 classes:

    Knights: Have two builds, ST (Single-target) build and AoE (Area of Effect) build. Generally Knights naturally have perfect defence plus the defence from armors. Damage is not a problem for a Knight either. Basically, Knight are made for AoE. But as Knight have few ST skills too (1-hit KO skills) plus searching for right Attack Speed equipments for knight, will eventually make it a perfect Single Target character too.
    PVE for Knight is very easy, Knight is a well-known money maker.

    Warriors: Most played character in game. I can say that most 2nd job players are Warriors or Mages (which means that most high lvls ingame are either warrior or mage). Warriors are good for their crazy dmg and moderate defence. There are two types of Warriors: Combo Warrior and Skill Warrior. Combo Warriors use combo (eg. 10-hit combo -> A-S-D-D-S-D-S-A-A-A).
    Combos give faster attack speed, critical bonuses, damage bonuses (eg. Your hits will be somewhat like this: 2k, 2k, 3k, 9k, 5k, 7k, 7k, 9k, 12k, 10k, 15k, 20k). Skill Warriors are made for spamming skills, however, skill warriors are consider more boring than combo warriors, and in fact most people start as a skill warrior till lvl 70, 80, 90 or even 100 and after that change for combo warrior till lvl 150 (where majority of people would choose Swordman, which is a skill type warrior because of its powerful skills). Skill warriors have powerful 1-hit KO skills called Double Slash and Deadly Slash which result for super fast lvling till 70 or 80.

    Mages: Easily most favoured and played character along with Warriors. Reason is, mages are made for 1-hitting (at least till 100). Thus, mages are fastest lvlers till 100 (and can be fast after that too, but it requires some good equipments). Mages are easy to play, nice money maker, best in lvling, somewhat boring for me, bad in PvP plus mage's 2nd job is a big disappoinment from what I have heard from many mages. There are two types of mages: Fire Mage and Ice Mage: Fire have more damage, whereas Ice is faster. Before many people used to favour Fire mages, but more and more people are starting to like Ice Mages more.

    Craftsman: Strong and meaningful character. Craftsman are crafters and item appraisers (note that when you get a item drop it will show "unappraised" status, when you get the item appraised, it will give you random stats depending on your luck. There is a npc for appraising, however only craftsman have the ability to appraise items above lvl 90). Most people thought of craftsman as just a "item crafter", but in reality Craftsman are good in PvE too, they also have a good 1-hit KO skill. Apart from that, crafting items isnt just a simple boring crafting random items, you can upgrade items with craftsmen (hard to explain now, all I can tell is its really good lol).

    Priests: There are also two type of priests: Battle priest and Support Priest: Both are good. Support priests tend to have alot of difficulty to lvl in the beginning, but will lvl fast later on. Playing a support priest really pays of later. Most people tend to think that battle priests are weak, but they arent weak at all, in fact on most guildwars, priests are a must. They can still kill fast, buff themselves and heal themself well which saves alot of money.

    Jester: Last but not least, Jesters. All I can say is they are like Assassins + Archers, except they throw darts and cards. There are two types of Jesters, Combo Jesters (Str Jesters) and Int Jesters. Combo Jesters lvl really and I mean really fast in the beginning, till like lvl 40 when they start to lose to other classes, even that, if you build your character well, they can continue really far. But playing a Jester in my opinion is all about amazing DSP, dealing super damage in no time. Therefore it means that int jesters are are the strongest damage dealers in the game. But lvling as a int jester is really expensive, it is almous impossible to make a int jester as your first character, as one set of darts (300) cost 45k, you will be able to buy 7 set at one (=300k+)

    In a recent update (2nd wing) new 2nd jobs were included.
    2nd change job is avaivable at lvl 150.
    The lvling in Seal online is pretty fast, takes about one to two months to reach lvl 100. Of course, it also means alot of grinding, but in my opinion the grinding is bearable, if not comfortable. For those who say the game is dead: they are totally wrong, Im pretty sure 90% of them didnt even bother to try the game out. There is "search party" feature, which makes it easier to join parties, therefore you dont need to search for parties for hours just to be able to lvl abit faster. Im always lvling in full party, where people are willing to talk most of the time, so its not boring lvling. The thing that gives me most motivation for lvling is a drop system.
    Drop rate in Seal online is pretty good, plus the drops are good.

    I wrote this "guide" at 3am, so I might be missing out many things or making alot of typos, but my point is, Seal Online is not that bad as many people think. In fact its a really good game and ITS NOT DEAD. If you are more interested about Seal Online, you can ask everything here.

    For more informations, check following links:
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