Calling all guild masters and fansite admins! Submit your site to the Fiesta TopSites List and see which site gets voted as the community's favorite!

From the makers of the Sparkonline fansite-network comes a brand new feature for the Fiesta community. Introducing Fiesta's first ever TopSites list!

Users who want to submit their creative Fiesta fansite or guild site can submit their site into the list by Joining the site and then submitting their site's information. There are currently 2 categories for submitted sites: Fansites and Guild Sites.

Sites are ranked by average overall pageviews so the list is fair in which site is everyone's favorite.

Reviews that are submitted will be looked at by an Administrator before it gets published on the site. Reviews on Gold sites, private server sites, bot sites, or anything related will NOT be published.

There's not much else to say.

Hope you all enjoy the site! Start submitting your sites now!