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Thread: Runes of Magic Closed Beta keys giveaway!

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    Default Runes of Magic Closed Beta keys giveaway!

    Onrpg and Frogster Interactive present:

    Runes of Magic Closed Beta contest

    Everyone on the Onrpg forum can enter the Closed Beta contest for Runes of Magic. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for free and enter the contest anyway! The purpose of the contest is simple: describe why you want an account to join the Closed Beta of Runes of Magic.

    25 winners will be granted their access to the Closed Beta of Runes of Magic. You can write your answer of motivation in the forum posts. Be original! In one week, the winners will be chosen from those who answer, based on their answers. Onrpg staff will pick the winners.

    Contest starts on September 19 ––––– contest ends on September 26.

    [1] Describe why you want a Beta Key to join Runes of Magic.

    [2] When you enter the competition, you need to register on the official website of Runes of Magic,register.html

    [3] Then, send the following information to :
    * Your forum name
    * The login name you used to register to Runes of Magic
    * Your email used at the registration for Runes of Magic
    PLEASE NOTE: Only if you enter all three, you are eligible to win! Information will remain private.

    [4] Your login name and email will be sent to publisher Frogster Interactive in order to unlock your Beta account.

    [5] Those who win will receive an instant message on the forum about their prize!

    [6] All winners will get an e-mail with all their access and download information by Frogster.

    Winners will be announced in the forum.

    Good luck!

    EDIT by Roxane:

    Runes of Magic Online Beta Key Contest is now closed!

    Thank you all so much for participating. We've had a great time reading through all your motivations and it was definitely a tough decision.

    The winners:
    Robman721 ---> for your originality.

    Congratulations and enjoy your Beta keys! To everyone else, we hope you'll enjoy Runes of Magic when it reaches the next stage!

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    Default Why I Want A Beta Key

    I want to play RoM because it seems to be the last hope for a good F2P game with developers who actually CARE about the end product and their community as a whole. The dual class system seems to be an interesting concept... something I surely want to look into! But I really want to find minor/major bugs and spelling errors within the game for a better end product for EVERYONE. Beta is meant to be used to find issues with the game, not to play it before everyone else... which seems to be the misconstrued concept among most F2P games coming out. I find it disappointing that so many people simply want to PLAY RoM for the sake of playing and not actually BETA TESTING the game. Given the chance I would make the game a much more enjoyable experience for the community as a whole and try to bring them this promise with the help of frogster applying the patches for spelling errors and bugs that I would like to provide.

    I have been following this game for over 4 months now. I signed up for a beta account when they started sign up in general.

    I've also done extensive research about the game. The features are there with a bulk of information on how to start your adventure in Taborea. The graphics are quite nice also... very rich and colorful! The community is going to be outstanding from any other F2P MMO out right now I believe. The housing system is amazing and the whole concept of random dungeons is just mind numbing. At the convention RoM took place at I wanted to go pretty bad but my financial situation at the time was a total mess so I followed the videos and so on and so forth. the character creation is simply out there with any other Pay2Play game and perhaps goes beyond some of them as well! I mean... it says it on the RoM website that there are plenty of reasons to play RoM and it's clearly the features, the devs stated that from the get-go.

    I am hoping to make RoM a better place for everyone

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    Default Hope


    What makes me want to play Runes of Magic you ask?

    Well first off i dont really play any other MMORPG right now, all of them just never keep me entertained. Im hoping this game will be differnt with is dual class system and 600 quest with epic story(so they say.. we will see) Hopefully the story is good, cuz unlike most i actually read it and try to follow it.

    Also i wanna try it cuz like any game i try in CB i like to give my input about the game and what not.. so that hopefully my opinion will help out in some way, also if i really like the game i try to write a review(altho im not to great at it) lol or if i really hate the game ill try to write one.. but if its a average game then i dont write one.. cuz blah just another copy, ya know?

    I like the idea of having a shared home for all my characters with options to easily change clothing and switch items between characters. It's also nice that unlike fable we start out with our homes.

    I'm interested to see the pvp system which is somewhat unusual for me. Getting stabbed in the back while farming or leveling up was always a huge annoyance. I think with the incorporation of arenas and other pvp events will help to keep things competitive but still peaceful.

    Also its because i have been waiting since the begin on site and havnt recieved a key yet i also wanna explore the game and help them with their buggs i have got alot potential. i got alot free time to do that atm school/work are done for me so i would like to try the game to the limit and test it out.
    i dont intend to give up in gettin a key yet so i hope at least i get one here.

    forum login=asmir434
    ROM Login=asmir343

    i wasnt able to send out on ur email, some kinda error appeard while i tryd that :/ not sure i hope this is good.

    Cya all in ROM
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    Hiya there,

    I want to play rom cuz its something new on the free mmorpg board .
    Something like all games pros mixed and upgraded. I can't wait it to test/play .It would be my 1st closed beta also. And i want to make the game better by being the one of the lucky beta players.Its the game i check my mail/web in morning when wake up and by evening when going to sleep. I would be really happy by getting an invite.

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    Why i want a beta key to join Runes of Magic ?
    Firstly , RoM is a new promising MMORPG that will be released very soon ( somewhere in november ) . So far , it offers a good variety of features , like dual-class system , runes system , crafting , in game houses ( thats the one i like the most ) , over 1000 quests by the time game goes open beta . PvP system also looks very interesting , as it depends on both - equipement and skills . I want to help out developers in finding bugs/typos... I've got quite good knowledge in MMOs , participated in many Alpha/Closed/Open beta's.

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    Default hehe

    Why I want to play Runes of Magic.

    Here is the answer (Long story ):
    I want to help the people of ROM improve their game by reporting bugs, glitches and translations
    that are forgotten.

    I am excited about ROM because of the different class system (the Primary and secondary classes) and the switching between them. It gives me a opportunity to think out strategies, Nice skill combo's (Like a Warrior Priest Being a big strong tank on the outside and a small fragile healer on the inside, Helping echother out to survive the attacks of the monsters, or the other players in those PvP matches.)

    The other point that attracted me is the style that the ROM personnel gave to the game.

    I keep seeing that people say things like "it looks like WOW" and the only thing that I can see it that the interface is similar and it gives me the vibe a little bid at least the trailers gave me that, when playing the actually game it will be different of course.

    I am also excited about dungeons that keep changing, though I haven't seen allot of that. I would really like to experience that myself. I mean I played other games and when you do the same dungeon like 2 or 3 times. It's getting like. OK. Been there done that. So actually changing the dungeons due other Monsters and Rewards is a nice reason to redo the dungeons a couple of times without it to get boring.

    Personally I am not a man of grinding, so it appealed to me that this game has over 600 Quest! And the best part is, it has a nice background story, Witch I didn't read yet since I want to learn about it when I actually play the game. I looked at some screenshots and movies and I like the different styles the location has. Like on is in the snow and the other one is at a more tropical location.

    Also I like the Player versus player part to fight in the arena against your closest friends seeing whose best.
    And the Idea to finish them off with a nice Combo thrills me.
    The reputation system is also something great so you can show off your achievements to other people (brag brag)

    and the "Item upgrade System" That there are over 100 different runes witch you can put on your items.
    I love to see that the ROM crew is so dedicated to their game that it releases new Content to the game on a regular base. I wonder how they implant those races they are talking about.

    Also I like the auction house, since I don't like people spamming their items on the local chats all the time.
    Plus it's easy to get items on your own without going to much troubles.

    The radar system also comes handy with doing quest and finding other things.

    The housing system also appeals me that you can store your personal items (Always handy since your bags are always full of items)
    And I love to decorate it ^^
    the idea of having your own crafting sites are great!! No more people running after asking to make something for them. On the other hand it was fun to make stuff for other people, since they always have materials that they give to you so you will get a fair share of the XP and the new guy gets the item. This way everyone is happy.

    And maybe the most important reason is the Community.
    I check there forums from time to time and I see that people are posting within the minute. It's really active and I like that. Games can have a million features but the Community actually makes the game fun.

    A other reason is why I want to play Runes of Magic is for my own guild members in a other game, I was talking to them about the game and if I like it I will let them download the game to when its going true the Open Beta's or when the game is actually released. So we can start a nice guild there. So watch out we will soon terrorize the Arena's

    I am really looking forward to see you all in game

    PS, My post could have some grammatical errors. But it came from my heart


    forum login=jasko18
    ROM login=jasko18
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    Default Why i want A beta key!

    Why i want a Beta key
    Becouse its i just love mmorpg games and think this one will be diffrent they have so good ideas,And it seems like the dev team listens to the community so i hope i can make changes and make this game better.A great thing is that the game will be F2P! The dual class system looks just... AWESOME(30 combinations!!!) really want to try it out i have never seen this feature in any mmorpg game earlier! And the idea whit houseing is just great its a really good thought and i hope its good.I want to check out the dungeons/instances too it seems really nice how meny F2P games have this?! And i really wanna try out Server vs Server battles which i think is really cool! And the grafics is not like most of F2P games this one is better than i can ever expect from a F2P game! And a really good thing is that all stuff that you can buy for real money can you get in the game!! I have tried meny other mmorpg but never like one like ROM and i think this game could be the best mmorpg that's ever made! peace out cyaa!!

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    why you want a Beta Key to join Runes of Magic?

    - I want to help frogster to find bugs and other mistakes to get RoM in OB
    - I want to have an look in-game and try the classes out the tell frogster which class is to good or which class sucks, so they can work on that
    - I really want to see/use the Housing system because in my opninion it's really cool

    and of course i want to see how the gameplay works and where everything is so that i can have an good start in OB

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    Default Why I Want A Beta Key

    Why i want a beta key???
    The answer is simple. Runes Of Magic is the FIRST MMORPG free of the story of games that offers to the player a lot of features :
    PvP,Dual class system, Housing, Random Dungeon and many others.
    But first of all this game gives to players a wonderfull in-game life.
    I want to taste the potential of THIS game because now online is the only game that actract players from all over the world.
    All the people that as been registered for the Closed Beta want to put the hands on this game for first, but WE can't.
    Finally i whant to say just one thing: GIVE ME A CB KEY!!!!!
    Thanx for all

    P.S. sorry for my italian-english

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    What makes me wanna play Runes of Magic?

    very good question...
    First of all, it's a mmorpg and it's enough to interest me...
    but it's a brand new rpg...

    as it's just started, i won't find overpowered players, with giant guilds controlling everything, knowing every secret etc etc
    a beta is not enough to explore a whole game so i have a chance to paticipate to the building of the game

    the game itself has it's pros and cons... but there're two big points that makes me curious: graphics are very pleasant to see and housing allowing players to personalise their game and collecting whatever they want!!!

    i've already played new rpg during their launching (metin 2 and rappelz) but both of them have the same default according to me: the lack of options (farming, farming, farming...) and a really few visual effects to make your player unique...

    about RoM, whaou great!!! a incredible amount of quests with a real plot, the ability to have two different classes and the possibility to switch them when you want (allowing to play two diffent character with one avatar), very well designed gears (and not just five differents armors for everybody !!!!), great housing options (more than conquer 2.0 by example)...etc,etc...

    It sounds this game has a lot of functions that missed me in other games!

    for example, what can i say about the different dungeons existing? don't want to be disturbed by other people? no problem with the dynamically generated dungeons!

    And what a great idea to put an option PvP/PvE allowing players who just want to play to avoid all those PK!

    PvP can be great, but i've met too much games losing interest because of the PK

    and for the first time i've found a game allowing equality between all players...
    other games are tempted to offer everpowered option to players who can pay at the item shop but it seems it's not the way RoM choose! that's another good point for me

    it seems this game has collected all the great features i've found in other games so i can't see why it couldn't fit me

    please forgive a froggy for his quite bad english...thanks

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