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Thread: OutsparkClub - Join the newest social-networking fansite for Outspark!

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    Default OutsparkClub - Join the newest social-networking fansite for Outspark!

    We've seen various fansites about Fiesta, Project Powder and other games that are published by Outspark, not?.

    Different websites, but they are all pretty much the same (in a way).

    Most of them did a great job and look fantastic, but is something new!

    Ever wanted a "MySpace" or even "YouTube" for the gamers at Outspark only? There is!

    At OutsparkClub you can create your own Outspark Gamer Profile, create groups for your guilds/crew, upload and share your music and videos, create blogs and so much more!

    Stay in touch with your friends even when you're NOT in the game! How many of you have seen players lose contact with their gaming friends once they log out?

    A summary of the key features
    - Create and customize your own personal Outspark profile
    - Stay in touch with your friends by adding them
    - Comment other people's profiles, gain new friends!
    - Write blogs (people can comment them as well)
    - Create your own Album by uploading your favorite pictures or screenshots
    - Create polls on the homepage where people can vote
    - Upload your favorite music for your profile (coming begin September)
    - Upload your game videos, let people rate and comment them (coming mid/late-September)
    - Create and participate in user-generated quizzes and events

    All you have to do is Sign up NOW at

    We will be adding more and more features, depending on what the community requests on our forums.

    Don't be a fool, be cool and join!

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    i feel the need to write, sounds like a good idea, signing self up ^^
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