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Thread: Knuckle Knight- am I going to be royally screwed by lag?

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    For that exact reason Raiyuka.
    As you see a lot of people are suffering from the lag.
    When I don't close all my programs I lag too and when that lag spike hits and I freeze I'd usualy die if I never had the HoT pot.
    So I'm very very greatful because it's saved me many times.

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    Didn't you say on the last page that lag wasn't a big problem? >_O I thought we were playing with our eyes closed.

    Anywho, I've pretty much had the give up the game anyway due to IRL stuff, but I still hope OGplanet gets their shit together soon.

    In the meantime, which classes seem to not be bothered very much by lag? My brother's friend plays a spearman, and he's not really having issues hitting monsters. xD

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    The best classes that dont get bothered by lag is Spear warrior and Archer
    their aoe pretty much gets the job done, you wont miss too much even with lag.

    If you want to survive longer during lag the best choice is to choose
    a sword or a mace knight (some people say they're boring after lv.50)
    or a Spear/2H sword warrior for decent ammount of defence and alot of fun.
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