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Thread: Wizard- Element pros and cons?

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    Default Wizard- Element pros and cons?

    I have a friend who wants to make a wizard and he wants to know what the pros and cons of each element such as wind, earth, etc.

    Anyone know?

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    I am a Pure Wind wizard and i have to say it isnt so bad. Requires a lot of jumping over enemies and cast combo spells.

    I saw a Earth element and i liked what i saw. The shield buff they can cast is REALLY good for wizards since it helps them take hits from enemies much more than i thought. Not sure about the attack skills though

    Fire from what i heard does the most damage but also requires the most sp to use.
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    If you want to go damage/splash damage I'd go with fire. If you want a least amount of sp waster go wind, for healing go with the two water branches, and eart has good buffs ^^ Even better, you can try some hybrid mix and just reset later. I went all fire but added a few points in some wind skills....and I kind of regret it.
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    Fire) Pros - High damage
    }{ Con - High mp use, long cast delay

    Water) Pros - Low cool time, short cast delay, has supportive healing spells
    }{ Con - weakest damage

    Wind) Pros- Longest ranged, shortest cast delay, Lowest cool time
    }{Con - weak damage

    Earth) Pros/Cons - Balanced out in both damage and cool time.
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