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Thread: xp or vista? (run/jump issues)

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    Default xp or vista? (run/jump issues)

    Well, I have seen like most of my friends do run/jump/ladder with ease.

    So I asked them if they have vista or xp, well I only asked 5 people and 2 of them have xp and can do run/jump/ladder easily, and the other 3 that uses vista had mixed results.

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the problem, so I just want to ask

    Is your OS vista or xp, and can you do run/jump/ladder easily?

    Thanks for any responses

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    I use Vista, and i can't run/jump in the us version yet i am able to run/jump in the kr version. I'm not sure if changing into Xp would help me be able to run/jump in the us version but its worth a try, though i couldn't install xp on vista the install button was gray >.>
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    It's a latency issue. Has little or nothing to do with your OS.

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