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Thread: im goin to try somethin crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by brenty View Post
    yes i kno i kno most guides and people on various boards say dont use knuckles with a wizard but im gonna do it but with a twist. Im gonna try using the beam tree mixed with a element either wind or fire Aoe style.

    The only set back is i dont kno wat element to choose between the two. The reason i want to try it is to have magic damage mixed with physical and hit multiple enimies all tha time.

    My damage output might not be alot but wat tha heck its worth a try. The question i wanna ask u all is take the fire's enchantment or take the wind's speed.
    Any other info that u may want to give to me will be greatly appreciated, thanks for all responses good or bad.
    If you're going to do that - only follow the lazer shootagee tree because it's ranged and a quick cast.
    Nice combos you can bust out.

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    well sylce thats the plan lazer + magic= alot of cool combos tooo bad i couldnt put wind fire and lazer skills all together. The positives alot of mp to use down side physical damage low but um a question wont stronger knuckles increase the damage out put. So although i wont be taking down as much damage a knuckle warrior i should take down a good bit.

    Do u all think i would have enough points just enhance one wind skill the first one at least with my fire skills and lazer skills. Well havent created it yet alil busy doing a project but hopefully i could say imade a sorta new genre of mage even though it wont be as strong.

    Thanks for all responses so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanokun711 View Post
    Actually thats not a bad idea at all. I play on korean latale at the moment and one of my closest friends is a dagger mage. It's similar to a knuckle mage.

    He uses the wind element though right now

    His level is 102 and im a level 98 :3

    But right now im going mage and I can't decide if I want 2 elements or not.

    But yea try using knuckle its definitly diffrent and you can always skill reset :3
    So how long did it take you to get from Lvl 1 to 80?

    Anyways, that sounds really cool. You've got nothing to lose except time, because you can easily buy skill reset items. Good luck on your build man.
    Relax and enjoy life

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