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Thread: My La Tale Questions

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    Default My La Tale Questions

    Heya~ I started playing La Tale around last week. I tried out a few classes and decided Bow Explorer is the way to go. Anyways, a few general questions:

    1) Is there a forum for specific quest information? Some of the quests are not completed for me yet (from like....6 levels ago) because I have no idea what to do.

    2) I noticed there is an area in the Forest (beginning area) called the Forest Mine. I cannot enter it though...do I need something?

    3) I noticed lots and lots of people wielding/wearing unique items. Like the spear, 2-handed sword, angel wings, ninja-suit, etc, etc. Are there special ways to get them/make them?

    4) Okay, I know how to get the spear and the 2-handed swords and whatnot. From Aes(?) at Belos Town who lets you craft special items given enough Elys and required ingredients. However, some of the items puzzle me. How do I get those accessories and whatnot, says I need those urns the specific mobs drop and other special items to make them....does that mean its useless to get special accessories that require the class-specific special items?

    5) Do any Towns beside Elias and Belos have higher levels of pots? I still use the regular potions (not lesser ones) from Elias/Belos, and my mana pool and the damage I take out-range the usage of pots.

    Lots of questions~
    Thanks in advance.

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    1)google.com...ehh wont be a dick here ya go http://www.mymmogames.net/forum/latale-quest-guides/
    2)u need a mining pass
    3)some weapons u can make with urns.. the outfits tho u can buy some with ely.. but the rest is cash shop
    4)the only 2 things u need to make a weapon is urn and ely..
    5)uhh all towns have higher pots.. i thought elias had cookies.. uhh if not go to the 3rd town.. cookies lvl 30 40 and 50 there i think

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