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Thread: HOw do I make money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arri View Post
    he asked how to make money, not for show offs to come in showing how much they have.
    Didnt showoff. My friend has 6 mil+ last time I checked. What I meant to say was: If you just play the game and do your quests, you end up just fine. Thats what I did. If you really do want to make MORE money for whatever reason, just grind on mobs your lvl that can drop ums. Now that wasnt to hard to understand, or was it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psyconezz View Post
    Hmmm, i'm at your lvl and i'm fine on the money part.

    Basically what I do is Quest (i don't know about u, but my quests give 30K Ely normally), when i'm not questing, Go to an area w/ Green name monsters so you can easily take it out. Lvl up and make around 50 - 70K Ely then go back to town and sell off all misc items. I normally sell even the equips that I drop unless one of my guildmates wants them.

    But one big factor really is what class are you? Since i'm a knight, I mainly only burn SP pots and rarely use HP pots. So i save a lot of money on pots
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