Team name: Eldhamud Game Development

Project name: The Oriental Dojo's

Brief description: A fast paced faction based player verses player combat orientated MMORPG. The
Oriental Dojo is a Kung Fu martial arts inspired game that combines elements of Kung Fu, Chinese
and Tibetan philosophy and history with fantasy and anime elements. Set in the realm of Engen Wu
the First Emperor built a monument that has come to known as The Academy, a place where the
brave and sometimes stupid can hone their skills and compete against one another.

Target aim: Casual Pvp gamers.

Compensation: Nil, Indie Development, This game is 100% free, using technology licenced not for profit.

Technology: Smaug OLC, Oasis OLC, Portal GT, C, Lua, Delphi.

Talent needed: Builders/Zone Creators, Writers, Sound Artist (Effects and Ambient music)

Team structure:
The_Fury: Lead Developer, Designer, Head Coder.
Havok: Coder, Designer.
Jorge: Artist

fury AT fury.eldhamud2 DOT org
Telnet: 8000

Additional Info:
Game Features:
** 30 player levels, with optional rebirth.
** Alignment based classes and races.
** 4 Factions: Death, Life, Growth and Decay.
** Realm based skills and Spells: Fire, Water, Air and Nature.
** Tiered skills, you progress so do they. 6 tiers in all.
** 2 schools of combat, Physical and Mental.
** Overland ANSI maps full of monsters.
** Instanced Quest Zones.
** Free player houses with built in item locker and practice dummy.
** Regular events, quests, dbl exp, quad damage.
** Full MIP implementation, fully supports the Portal GT Client, with ingame sounds and images.
** Wearable tattoos.
** Class based armors and weapons that only your class can wear.
** Items re-stringer, to individualize your gears.