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    6 Dragons is a MMO text based game written in C language. The game is medieval fantasy based, simular to major MMORPG's WoW or Everquest, but no graphics, it's text. It is still loads of fun with features like tradeskills players can learn to craft their own equipment, multiclass ability you may chose to be a warrior/priest/mage if you would like to spend the time leveling 3 classes at once. This project has been worked on for many years, and has players, and Staff currently. It is a free game due to liscense restriction of the code base. Sorry we are not allowed to pay Staff either, however there are many perks to being Staff here.

    The game storyline can be viewed here.....

    A few game screen shots of maps can be seen

    You can play this game with game clients as simple as telnet, or as elaborate as some paid game clients people buy, like zmud, cmud. Play from this link....

    or telnet://6dragons:4000/

    A new player guide of the game can be found

    Currently we are seeking to fill the following positions: Player Relations, Area Architects, and Game Events. I will elaborate on each position more so you understand what is required.

    Player Relations - This council involves interacting with players, assisting Game Events council with running game events. Updating helpfiles for players, enforcing game rules, and really helping the players have a good time.

    Area Architects - This council involves making the areas/zones that players walk through. You make the rooms, monsters, objects, and quests players encounter. It is all done through text.

    Game Events - This council involves running game templates that we have already created for players to enjoy, and creating new game event templates so players keep enjoying new eventgs. Such as quests, trivia, contests, etc.

    I know people use onrpg because they are interested in MMORPGs but I think if you give our game a chance you will find that it can be just as addictive, and fun without the fancy graphics. Our game is done, just doing tweaks here and there, and adding new fun things for players when we can.

    Come by and check us out.

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