If you want to know MORE about the project, other than what I'm looking for, check out the blog linked in my sig.

For more info about the type of artist(s) I need, check out: http://hallowonline.wordpress.com/20...racter-artist/

Requirements From ALL
All artists must work together to blend their final products together, where they're needed to put together. The game style that I'm looking for is like kawaii anime with a halloween/midevil feel to it, without emphesizing on a halloween theme. IE: No jack-o-lanterns. I'm quite fond of a vector anime art style with cellshaded-like shading and thin lines for the shading while the outter lines are thick. A good example would be the maple story concept art. Like in the wallpapers at http://maplestory.nexon.net. Knowing how to save .PNG files with transparent backgrounds is REQUIRED. All works that you submit must be submitted under terms of the MIT License.

GUI Artist
Must be able to come up with a GUI style that can be used throughout the client, which includes the windows, frames, buttons, and ect.

Concept Artist
Must be able to produce kawaii (cute/bubbly/adorable) anime characters that have a midevil/dark halloweenish feel to them.

Font Artist
Hallow[Online] needs it's own fonts. I want it to be smooth, clean, clear, and crisp (IE: No pixelation, like my test fonts that I'm using). I've always been fond of the font used in World of Warcraft, so something similar to that would be nice. I need a few versions of it done. I don't want it done in a font format. I need it done in a .PNG format with a transparent background.