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Thread: Is this game worth playing?

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    Exclamation Is this game worth playing?

    I aint trying to put it down or anything i just want to know is it any good? Most ppl say it sucks and low population.

    I want to know how big is community roughly, will it grow, and how does it compare to Eudemons or Phoenix Dynasty???

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    You will never know its good or not unless you try it yourself my friend.
    I have to say there is low population in game which is caused by lvl 40 caps. Most players donot stay in game when they reach the caps. However, we still got some lvl 40 players farming in game and some new plays keep joining in; that means its worth for some people. I hope you are the one of those who like Chaos.
    BTW we are going to release Close Beta game version very soon. New version got all bugs fixed and some new great functions added into game. Stay tuned to us please.

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    The game is full of bugs and bots, and other shit.

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