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Thread: New player Help plz!

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    Exclamation New player Help plz!

    Decided to download and play this game, so far so good. Chose genotian gunman as my class and got to lvl 3, but....

    It told me to kill stuff and crystalize it??? i dont know where to kill stuff or how to crystalize exactly.

    Also i havent seen any ppl in game so far, any reason?
    Can u tell me how and where to add ppl in the game?

    Lastly can u post your in-game names so i can get help there and chat.

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    Default novice info

    I am sorry to let you alone there.
    Chaos set a lvl 40 cap during the Alpha test. Most players donot stay in game all days after they reach the cap. Thats the reason you didnot see any others. You can speak to Bluewhale[GM] when you got some questions. I hope she is helpful. lol..
    BTW we are going to start Close Beta very soon. We got all bugs fixed in CB game version, and we also added some new good functions. Please stay tuned to Chaos.

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