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AlcazarOnline is a medieval based massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which will include content based on different nations religions, events, landmarks, etc as well as our own. This will add variety to the game as well as making it unique and interesting. Our desired acheivement is to create a popular MMORPG alike no other with intentions of giving players a fun and enjoyable game to play, but most of all, just work as a team to create a new type of fantasy game would be satisfactory.

Payment methods

There will be no payment for developers of AlcazarOnline unless we are making money, so most likely not until it is up. The system is as follows:

x = Multiplication
+ = Addition
- = Subtraction
/ = Divide

N = Number of programmers
A = Amount of money made that month
F = Fees which need paying
P = Monthly wage per programmer

P = A - F / 2 / N

In other words, after the fees are paid whatever was made that month is halved and spit amongst the programmers evenly.


N = 15
A = 1000000
F = 20000

P = 1000000 - 20000 / 2 / 15

Each programmer would be paid $32666 each in that scenario.

We will supply the architecture development programs ($119.95 ea) as well as the engine licenses ($150.00 ea). In addition you will receive an administrator position in the game.

Programming Philosophy

We are using the Leadwerks engine for AlcazarOnline and for architecture development (houses, castles, forts) we will be using 3D World Studio. AlcazarOnline will be programmed in C++.


Just like any development team we have strict rules and regulations which are as follows:

- You must be able to work as a team politely.
- Must be able to follow instructions.
- Always attempt to use correct spelling and punctuation in formal situations.
- Don't apply if your not active.
- Do not argue if something doesn't go your way.

AlcazarOnline isn't a zoo and if we're unhappy with your attitude we will not hesitate to remove you immediately. We can have fun although it is expected that you follow these rules. We are a team which means everyone pulls their weight, if there is no sign of progress we will not hesitate to remove you from the "team".

Details and Applications

C++ programmers will be well-informed of the details planned for AlcazarOnline so they can program them accordingly. It is essential that you can easily program in C++ using correct conventions at all times, unless directed not to.

Graphics designers must be capable of creating medieval-based textures, banners, themes, etc to a high standard. You must be able to accept constructive criticism, and improve on work submitted on request.

Modellers are expected to be able to create high standard models of medieval characters, items, buildings, etc. You need to be independent and show progress regularly.

Website Developers will be expected to work regularly with other Website developers and must know the basic website development languages.

To apply for any of these positions fill out this application and email it to Alcazar0nline@live.com.au (The 0 is a ZERO):

Real life name:

Username (Must be the same for all aspects of AlcazarOnline):

Desired Position:

E-mail Address:




Can you speak fluent english:

Known programming languages:

How long have you been programming:

How would you describe your skill level compared to other programmers:

Proof of programming skill:

Additional comments/questions:
For any additional questions register and private message me on the forums at www.alcazaronline.com or email me.